Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Li Yen

Li Yen @ Ritz Carlton practically serves fine-dine style dimsum.

They offer a variety of fusion like and daring dimsum, like century egg cheung fun and avocado rolls.

But fret not, there are plenty of traditional ones too, you'll get your dose of pork ribs, chicken feet, siu mai and so on.

The ambience of the place is very comfortable too. Some of you may prefer a smaller space for lunch with lesser crowd, Li Yen is the place to be.

The food are all cooked to order. It may take a while before arriving.

Be prepared to spend at least RM100 per pax as prices are very high, in comparison to most dim sum places in Klang Valley. But rest assured, the price you're paying for is for the ambience and a little bit on their creativity with fusion dishes.

 The traditional dimsums are pretty normal (which I prefer Concorde's Xin cuisine where they have more options and their traditional choices are much more authentic). In comparison to Xin Cuisine, Li Yen's ambience is much better. The place itself is overall smaller, therefore the crowd is also smaller and less noisy/busy. At Xin, there are carts being pushed around like your typical Chinese restaurant but at Li Yen, everything comes straight from the kitchen. Less authentic but it is cook to order.

One of their fusion dishes. 

BBQ Pork and Roast Pork. Of all dishes this is one of those I felt which was not worth it at all. Almost RM100 for this tiny portion with less than 10 pieces for each?! Sorry but that's just overpriced. That's almost 5 times of what you can get outside. I will never order this again, it's a major ripoff.

Overall the dishes are good. Some are worth paying, some are not. For a party of 4 it came up to at least RM400. I personally would recommend Xin Cuisine at Concorde over Li Yen anytime. For that price you can cater to a party of 7-8 at Xin with more traditional and authentic choices.

Reservation is recommended, it gets really busy during lunch hours especially on weekends! Also, because they have really limited tables.

Li Yen
The Ritz-Carlton
168, Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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