Monday, April 18, 2016

T&K Seafood

In conjunction to my Phuket trip, I've decided to schedule a "Thai" post. I'm far, far, away at Phuket right now enjoying my Thai meals and sunrise. I hope you enjoy the pictures... and have Thai for lunch! Stay tuned for more Phuket goodness!

That famous seafood place with lots of bustling tourists. They seem to be the most popular one along the street.

Thai raw prawns.

Not for the weak, we had mild diarrhea after eating those.

Fried rice

Tom yam seafood

Very generous amount of fresh seafood and boy, this is really spicy!

Steamed fish Thai style

Crab curry

Looks ugly, tastes awesome!

Grilled king prawns

There is always a queue for it so be there earlier to avoid long queues. Food is good but it's not superb that I would want to queue for it. It is a little overrated.

T&K Seafood
49-51 Soi Phadung Dao
Yaowarat Rd
10100 Bangkok
Opening Hours
*After 4.30pm till late. Best to check with your local hotel concierge.

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