Friday, April 22, 2016

Taste Of Asia

Have not tried Angkor beer? Fret not, you can still get it at the airport!

I almost forgotten to try Angkor beer at Siem Reap. I have been all over cocktails at SPG hotels (Platinum members get free drinks from 5-7pm), thanks to my partner the Queen of SPG!

At the airport, Taste of Asia serves pretty decent Cambodian food.

It was our last meal anyway, so just went all in for Amok!

Cambodian Loc Lac

I actually never expected the food to be good since it's the airport. Airports are known to serve shitty food with really expensive prices anyway. Surprisingly everything turned out to be above average! Our goodbye Siem Reap meal was totally worth it! :)

Taste of Asia
Siem Reap International Airport

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