Thursday, May 5, 2016

Baba Nest

Did a quick search online and it seems like Baba Nest is one of those great places for sunset drinks.

The road going up to the bar is ridiculously steep and no way it's fun to walk; we were ushered by a buggy to the bar.

We paid an upfront of 1000THB per person and 500THB for hotel guests to make the booking. It was confusing as their website does not state what happens after that. One thing I've noted from the beginning is that the fee is non-refundable. I had so many questions to what happens to the upfront payment or am I able to select tables, but fret not, some of the questions will be answered in this post.

Before I proceed to tell you how to make the booking, please bear in mind not to order their food. This my friend, is the worst Nachos I've had in my life. 

Tres Amigos Nachos (288THB++). Description says "Guacamole, pico de gallo, nachos"

Both are salsa. How on earth is that even guacamole?!!?!? I could see bits and traces of avocado by using a magnifying glass probably! Those deep-fried Nachos were not properly drained with paper towels so they were pretty oily. All of those for 288THB BEFORE tax. Goodness gracious, please do not order any of their tapas. Even one is enough for me to say never again. The portion is really miserable and I didn't know the new way to prepare guacamole is to use tomatoes. Even for the salsa, only one pathetic spoonful of salsa, WHY???? Tomatoes cost a bomb now?

White Wine (1990THB++)

Beautiful view. But really annoying reservation team, I swear. They made it so difficult for people to make a booking.

We had to pay an upfront 1000THB per person if we are not hotel guests to make the booking. It was confusing as their website does not state what happens after that.

To make the booking, send an email to enquire and wait for their response, which may take up to days.

If you have any questions, best to send in your first email and they'll have them answered in their response. They will attach a Credit Card Authorisation Form.

Follow the instructions, send them a copy of the card and return the form. Taadahhhh, your booking is confirmed.

Now back to the 1000THB per pax, what happens to it. It becomes a "credit" for you purchase anything in their menu including food and drinks.

Since we made a booking for two, so we had 2000THB credit to purchase anything. If you don't finish the credit it cannot be refunded, as they termed it "minimum spend 1000thb per pax".

If we knew that was the sort of rubbish Tapas they are serving, we wouldn't have ordered that crappy Nachos.

It is advisable to make the booking a month ahead. This bar is extremely popular and possibly the only bar worth talking about in Panwa. It seems there are people who tried booking a week before and usually it is already full by then. Also, take consideration that their response is very, very slow.

As for the request for tables, I did make a request through email for the front corner table. They responded by saying no choosing tables as they will allocated. However when I was there, I tried my luck to choose the table they said nope, the front tables are all reserved. Wait, didn't you say the tables cannot be reserved? What load of bullshit seriously. Apparently if you're a guest you can choose which table you want. Quite unsure why are they so selective, some people can choose and some can't. Confusing much?

We arranged a pit stop at Panwa just for the sunset at Baba Nest. No regrets for the view, but please do not order their nonsense Tapas and bear with some of their staffs which make things so difficult. Nevertheless, most of their staffs are nice, just one or two who deals with reservations are a pain in the arse.

Despite the beautiful sunset, there are still some negatives to it.

The awful view from our table if we don't face the sunset.

So long as we face the fantastic view, nothing else really matters.

So if you're not sure when to go, the bar is open from 5pm onwards. I would suggest 5.30pm onwards as sunset is usually around 6.30pm. Stay till about 7.15pm - 7.30pm. Have fun!

P/S: All photos were taken with iPhone 6s.

Baba Nest
Sri Panwa Phuket
88 Moo 8
Sakdidej Road
Vichit, Muang
ภูเก็ต 83000
Opening Hours
Daily 5pm - 9pm
Baba Nest's Page

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