Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Beautiful place, a little out of the radar (not quite walkable from KLCC).

It took me so long to figure how to get into the parking, the signs are just confusing as much. The interior is beautiful, with lots of interesting decorative items in and out.

The menu too, is so confusing. You'll get Southern choices, then Italian pizzas,local seafood dishes, chicken wings trying hard to blend in local (Cencaluk nonsense chicken wings! Nope I taste no cencaluk at all by the way)

The crowd was a shocker - I mean there's just nobody. The place was about 5% full on a Tuesday? Unusually quiet... The location itself is not that great as people have to drive all the way.

Gumbo looks unappetising. Did not even want to try.

Spinach and Feta Salad

Salad portion for rats. Even if I'm on diet, I would need another portion.

Keropok Lekor athas style. 

Street food served in proper food basket. On a positive note, street ones are normally overcooked causing it to be rock hard. Theirs was done perfectly inside out and it was just superb. Worth being on the table.

Very normal Wedges.

Caesar Salad

Another portion of tiny salad. Portion is so tiny I don't even want to elaborate.

Cencaluk Chicken Wings

I don't know what Cencaluk have they used but it was just normal chicken wings. No extraordinary.

Not too bad thin crusted pizza, but the topping is just awful. Those sausages are like the cheapest frozen sausages you get off Tescos frozen section.

We tried both Okra Fries but the taste of both were just not much difference. Whether it's spicy or not, both versions are crunchy and makes very good beer food.

Beautiful flower looking Onion Rings. Crunchiness died in less than 15 minutes. Be sure to finish within 10 minutes. Hence, not a very good item for beer munch.

We picked another flavour, can't remember what was it but it was just horribly tasteless. Not even sure which one we've ordered but just no more chicken wings.

Tried another pizza too - wonderful base but what kind of topping is that? 

I'm absolutely appalled at some of the reviews showing how good it is. I'm sad to say that none of the chicken wings or pizza are amazing. It's basically trying too hard please people but it's just very normal items with fancy names and comes with price tag too.

Chicken and waffles were OK. Normal fried chicken, not very crusty waffles but still bearable. I prefer the version at Crab Factory than Brolly's.

Finally the main item arrived. We did not pour it out of the plastic so it's not as pretty. We had prawns, yabbies and crab (not in the picture). 

Prawns were OK, yabbies were just not fresh. It tasted funny - came from one who savours on yabbies when she was at Texas for work. She said it tasted nothing like the one she had in Southern and boy, those yabbies are so SMALL. I understand you cannot expect too highly from what you can get the other side of the world, but it's like serving instant asam pack in the UK and call them Nyonya food. Cheap, unfresh, tasteless food for almost RM700 or was it RM800?? Seriously, no more Brolly EVER again. I came to understand they are the same people behind Crab Factory. Crab Factory was satisfactory, wasn't too bad but Brolly is just confusing and a waste of money.

Don't even talk about the service, some were nice people, some came with an attitude. Not sure how did they train their staffs to speak to customers like that. It's no wonder just 5% full on a Tuesday. Sorry Brolly, I just didn't like the overall very normal food, unfresh seafood (Isn't fresh seafood the selling point? Not too sure about it now), hefty price. I'd rather visit Crab Factory than Brolly.

G-01, Menara Felda
Platinum Park
No., 11, Persiaran KLCC
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 11pm
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