Thursday, May 19, 2016

Overseas Restaurant

That one Chinese restaurant down at Jalan Imbi that will not close down anytime soon.

I'm not even going in-depth about their food quality. They serve pretty decent Chinese food. Like almost everything we have ordered, are edible with no issues. But they ain't particularly great either. It's normal average Chinese food quality which is good for people who wants some authentic Chinese and want to be in an air-conditioned place.

Their service is known to be the shittiest. It is so unbelievably bad and yet people still go anyway. That's because their food is reasonably OK. But just be prepared service is slow and they love to show their unhappiness to their customers. It makes me wonder about their management. If the place is so busy, hire more people so your staffs won't be so unhappy. When they are unhappy they will be so slow or even ignore our requests resulting in us complaining about their service. 

One of my favourite for the day, the Yin and Yang. Steamed and fried combo cod fish. Something interesting I've always had separately but they serve it together now. It's still the same fried and steamed taste but it's rather interesting to see them being served together.

Vegetarian pot for those who loves vegetables.

There's another thing which I've noted - their food has so much MSG I couldn't stop drinking water after food... Nevertheless it's OK to dine here once a while! I somewhat to the above average Chinese food - it's better than a lot of other Chinese restaurants out there!

Overseas Restaurant
86 Jalan Imbi
Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Overseas Restaurant's Page

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