Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Super Kitchen Pan Mee

Super Kitchen is right across Kin Kin, the one in KL. Super Kitchen has a couple of outlets across Klang Valley to serve the local crowd. 

However, a friend who brought me to this place, told me about the story of Kin Kin and Super Kitchen. Both outlets are located right opposite each other. The competition level is unbelievable... They tend to keep up to each other's standards, not just by keeping up their noodles quality but EVERYTHING else. When one starts installing air-conditioner the other has to do the same thing to keep up to it. Well this is just one of it. 

In terms of food quality, both noodles from Kin Kin and Super Kitchen looks the same. Apparently the taste of the noodles are both different, which I could barely tell because I normally mix everything then try. By that time those noodles would taste of whatever you've mixed with it.

The chilli is one major difference I've noticed. Super Kitchen is very spicy compared to Kin Kin. I love the spiciness but Kin Kin's chilli is more flavourful. Less spicy but more flavours which will add on to the overall noodle flavours.

Sui Gao is very normal. Nothing to shout about. But I would rather order Sui Gao than the extras.

Another major difference is the wait time. Kin Kin's wait time can be ridiculously long. If I can't wait I would just go to Super Kitchen. Super Kitchen's wait time is more reasonable especially during lunch hours!

The Fried Roast Pork is shocking. I mean shockingly popular but it does not justify. I can't believe it that this plate of pork is so popular to people. Are they even serious about their reviews? This plate of pork is dry, hard and just boring. The fact that this piece of pork is the skinny part, no fats, deep fried or bbq however you want to prepare it. It's too "skinny" which makes the entire plate so dry and some parts of it are just pure rock hard!

I've concluded both Kin Kin and Super Kitchen, that only their Pan Mee is worth ordering. Just don't bother ordering any sides.

I can't decide which is better, I would love to mix Super Kitchen and Kin Kin's chilli, then mix their noodles and eat it altogether. I'll try it someday...

Super Kitchen Pan Mee
33, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1
off Jalan TAR
50300 Kuala Lumpur

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