Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lou Shang Bar & Cafe

Asam Laksa Cocktail (RM40++)

Basically what you get in your usual Laksa, without the har kou (prawn paste) and fish. So the usual fresh local herbs you get in a bowl of Laksa - lemongrass, tamarind, bunga kantan (torch ginger flower), mint leaves, lime juice, ginger juice, and some other herbs which I'm not sure what exactly! The ice is made from pineapple juice and cucumber; it was previously water but it becomes diluted when it dissolves so they replaced it with pineapple juice instead. The alcohol used for this cocktail is gin. It has a very nice local taste - would be even better if more gin is added. The noodles are made from jelly.

Try the cocktail before eating the pineapple and after, the taste is actually different. It's much more sour before, and sweeter after.

I suggested to the bartender to add, say a small little chilli padi to create a hint of chilli taste. I wonder how would it taste though! It is already addictive now, especially for Asam Laksa lovers like me! This is only on till 15th June - go grab yours now if you haven't already!!

There is a Sirap Bandung Cocktail too which I've omitted because I never like Bandung to begin with. Check out some of their cocktails too - Why You Kopi Me is highly recommended!

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