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Love18 seems like an ordinary name, it sure is but the meaning behind the ordinary name is a couple's love. It is their anniversary remembrance and also the reason why they started their own little lovely chocolate business. It takes a lot of passion to be running and making their own chocolate - it is really not easy to do all the research and to produce these good quality chocolates.

Some of the chocolate sampling - boy those dark chocolate are really bitter! I'm not really a fan of dark chocolate - but I have to admit these chocolates are definitely not the low grade ones you get off shelves. These will melt if it is exposed to heat, as they use premium ingredients, real cocoa butter to craft them. Those little pink wrappers are bittersweet champagne truffles which melts in the mouth!!

Apart from chocolates, they also have cakes and coffee just like any other lifestyle cafes.

We were taught how to appreciate couverture chocolate instead of the regular commercial compound chocolate. Long story short, couverture chocolate requires more effort and it is better quality as compared to compound chocolate which is normally the chocolate you get in the supermarket.

Some of the samples we got for the day from top left to bottom right:
  1. Compound chocolate
  2. 54% Dark chocolate from Barry Callebaut Belgium
  3. 70% Dark chocolate from Barry Callebaut Belgium
  4. 80% Dark chocolate from Barry Callebaut Belgium
  5. Valrhona, France Madagascar Kalingo 64% Dark Chocolate
  6. Valrhona, Equator Alpaco 55% Dark Chocolate
  7. Valrhona, Grenada Island Kalingo 64% Dark Chocolate
  8. Valrhona, Venezuela Araguani 72% Dark Chocolate
  9. Valrhona Opalys 33% White Chocolate
  10. Barry Callebaut Milk Chocolate 34%
Mango chocolate and strawberry chocolate. I did not quite like the fruit flavouring - I find it a little too artificial, I actually prefer the chocolate by itself.

We were given a little history of cocoa beans and where to find them. Just like coffee, chocolate is best taken with little, well actually some would say no sugar at all, to taste the best.

We were also very privileged to be able to see how they make their chocolates. Room temperature is very important in their kitchen as you don't want some of these hard work to melt off!

All of us received a wonderful goody bag from Love18, and thank you very much Eddie for sharing the love with all of us!

Eddie and his wife also had something to share with us for that evening - to love and to spread love.

Special thanks to Eddie and wife for hosting and KetchUp's team for organising.
Click here to check out KetchUp's Page & KetchUp's Facebook Page for more information :)

Love18 Chocolatier
Unit D-7-1, Block D
Setiawalk, Persiaran Wawasan
Pusat Bandar Puchong
47100 Selangor
Opening Hours 
Daily 12pm - 9pm
Closed on Mondays
Love18 Chocolatier's Page
Love18 Chocolatier's Facebook

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This post is brought to you by Love18.

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