Friday, June 17, 2016

Peng Heong Hakka Pai Kut

 Hakka Fried Meat Balls (RM1+ each)

You know, being a Hakka all life but I've never heard of Hakka Fried Meat Balls. Fry some market meatballs and name them Hakka isn't the wisest choice ever.

 Famous Spare Ribs (RM25++)

This is very good, lightly grilled on the outer layer, sweet and succulent meat.

 Fishballs (RM6++)

Waste of time and money, just get it from the market.

 Famous Assam Fish (RM8++)

Even more dreadful, the sauce is sticky and starchy. No okra to pair with the fish is like offering coffee with no sugar. Well to be fair, some like it black but nope I want milk and sugar.

But back to the fish, it is the saddest looking fish with a really badly done sauce full of corn starch.

 Tofu with Minced Meat (RM8++)

I seriously don't know what to say anymore. Hakka food is not buying some ready made tofu from the market and ready made minced fats meat. Fry the minced meat and add loads of crappy corn starch. This is not Hakka food.

 Sour Veggie (RM8++)

This was alright, very sour and mild spicy. In fact pork ribs is the first edible item and this is the second. The rest of the items are just rubbish.

 Hakka Zha Yuk (RM10++)

Possibly the worst Hakka Zha Yuk EVER. Being a native Hakka, I have had this dish in many places over so many years and this, is shocking. This was obviously prepared much earlier, all in one pot. It has ZERO fermented red beancurd (nam yue) and this is not acceptable. The pork is coated with horrible batter leaving it to be soggy. That is not how you prepare Zha Yuk. Soggy meat soaked in no Nam Yue flavours and it is drowned in a lot more corn flour, hence it explains the thickness. Don't even talk about the oil yet.

This is NOT Hakka food.

 Hakka Claypot Vinegar Pork (RM6++)

Oh gosh, is vinegar too expensive? There is absolutely no vinegar taste at all, just sugar and even more sugar. This is a terrible miss it should not even be labelled under Hakka eats.

We ordered many small portions to try, hence it explains the cheap prices. Cheap and also crappy quality.

The verdict? I had diarrhea for the next three days AFTER dining in this place. I am very sure because it was the first meal of the day, and I had it the same day before dinner. This place is highly NOT recommended regardless how good their paikut is. 

The place is run by a bunch of foreigners with the really stuck up boss behind the counter. We asked for the receipt and he questioned why do we need it. Well, well, well. I would have gone further by reporting this place for hygiene issues and not offering receipt to the customer. Well I did not, so... just beware if you want to dine here. The cutlery are oily, floor is dirty, it's just badly managed. Besides, this is no where near Hakka food and should not even advertise themselves as Hakka food, it is such a shame! Never again. 

Peng Heong Hakka Pai Kut
No. 2, Lorong Gudang Nanas 1 
off Jalan Pasar
41300 Selangor
Opening Hours 
Daily 7am - 4.30pm

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