Thursday, June 30, 2016

Restoran Sun Kee

Sungkai is approximated an hour ish up north from Kuala Lumpur. It's a small town which practically has nothing much to offer. There is a famous local getaway, known as the Felda Residence.

There are not many restaurants in Sungkai so one can easily be famous.

Sun Kee is famous for their salted chicken. Unlike Ipoh's version where they use dong guai, they use ginger. Like shit loads of it! Three main ingredients used to marinade the chicken - ginger, sea salt and sesame oil.

Particularly Ghee Hiang's sesame oil.

Loads of ginger will be stuffed into the chicken's body before wrapping it with paper.

The stove that does wonders. One of the traditional looking stove which still uses coal. Also using the same pot, they cook wonderful sweet potatoes too.

Yes that stove is THAT huge. It's so small it can only fit about 15 chickens at one go. There are a lot of tourists who stop by at this place, buying few chickens back to KL... Me being one of them!

Salted Sweet Potatoes (RM8 each)

Confusing much? It's garnished with salt so it's a little salty outside, soft and sweet inside. You'll have to make a reservation for these potatoes! It's pretty popular.

The ginger used as stuffing is also good to pair with their chicken. This chicken is fairly nice for me. It is not very salty as compared to Ipoh's version. Also, they use kampung chicken so the meat is more fragrant. If you're lucky, they may even have free range chicken! Those ginger is very spicy and fragrant and it makes the chicken less salty and just so delicious!

The braised pork knuckle is quite popular among patrons too but it wasn't appealing to me. The sauce was made out of corn flour and it's pretty diluted. However, the pork knuckle itself is very tender.

I would definitely recommend this place for lunch if you're going up north. Don't forget to order a plate of Paku Pakis too - with belacan!

I found this place by using Google Map & Waze, both has the exact location so don't worry about not being able to find it! For the whole chicken, it is best to order a day ahead. Call 012.582.1844 to reserve your chicken now! Currently, they are all priced at RM30 each, whether it's big or small (this is really odd way of pricing their goods). 

Restoran Sun Kee
Kampung Buloh Telor
35600 Perak