Friday, July 15, 2016

Chopstick Diner

We made use of the Raya voucher coupon RAYA2016 for 15% discount on these lunchboxes! We had the regular size ones which costs RM16 each.

Colleagues and I had ordered 3 Half Half and 1 Nasi Ulam (weekly specials).

The standard packing is beautifully tied with a string and a personalised note. I like the design of it and the personal touch.

Unfortunately, our boxes were a bit of a mess - 3 boxes tied together (2 half half + 1 nasi ulam) and one half half on its own. Not sure why the mess?

Top Left: Half Half (Vietnamese Spring Rolls x Roasted Eggplant and Pumpkin Salad)
Top Right: Half Half (Vietnamese Spring Rolls x Vietnamese Chicken Salad)
Bottom Left: Half Half (Vietnamese Spring Rolls x Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad)
Bottom Right: Nasi Ulam

It looks small from pictures, but the portion is actually pretty damn good! The sauces and all make the dishes very flavourful and I felt like I've done my body a good decision!!

Some facts about Chopstick Diner:
  1. Pork free
  2. Not gluten free or nut free - at least it is not specified anywhere
  3. Order the day before
  4. Below RM10 for small boxes, RM16 for regular box excluding delivery fees
  5. Click here for their menu. They have about 11 choices to pick from. 
  6. Number to contact - 013.6303886
  7. Click here for their webpage
  8. Click here for Facebook page
  9. Click here for Instagram page
  10. Email address: 
  11. Free delivery for orders above RM 50 within "usual delivery" - Contact them to confirm delivery charges. RM5 for anything below RM50
I specifically left a note stating that the delivery person should come up to 10th floor and I will come out. Reasons were all stated stated under "Special Requests" because it was Ramadan month, I did not want to be seen carrying food and all across my Muslim colleagues. I don't feel comfortable carrying the food all over the building.

When he arrived, he made me go down instead. So I had to go down and collect - these boxes do not come with bags or so, you're supposed to carry it via the strings they have tied. Can you imagine how inconvenient it is for a lady to carry 4 lunch boxes all the way up? What's the point of special request column when it's not being addressed anyway? On top of that, it was just not nice to be carrying food all over the place especially in the office area during Ramadan month. Also, for some reason the bottom box was soggy, making it so difficult to carry all of them up!

It was absolutely frustrating when I complained and nobody actually take it seriously. If you charge money for delivery, please deliver it to the doorstep. You can't charge us delivery and NOT delivering it to doorstep! This is one of the main reason I will not be a returning customer, as it makes us customers' life even more difficult, why would I need that when there are plenty of other options in the Klang Valley. 

The food is nice, it's good and a better healthier option, but I don't see the need to go through all these trouble or embarrassment just to have it, unless they improve their delivery services and address the comments at the "other requests" column. That being said, I don't think they actually take this into consideration as I'm only "another customer" when they can focus on other corporate events or so. I could be wrong, but this is exactly what I feel about them.

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