Friday, July 8, 2016

i One

There is a stretch of shops along the road near Taman Supreme. You should see it along the way to Yulek.

We found this place by accident. We went to another cafe around the area and it was closed. We were so prepared to visit Typica in Ampang since it's only open on weekends and it was a Saturday.

This cafe is great to serve neighbourhood crowd, pretty standard prices. Cakes priced about RM11-RM14 per slice. You'll find some interesting flavours like Guinness Choco Cake.  Never knew Guinness could come in a form of cake!

Rose Latte (RM13)

Did not really like their rose latte. The latte itself is very, very sweet and the rose flavour is a little too strong. I felt I was drinking sugar water with a hint of coffee. It was really so difficult to finish.

Green Tea Cheese Cake (RM12)

This slice wasn't too bad, light and fluffy. Not much cheese flavours though. Maybe it's meant to be light.

Cappuccino (RM11) is pretty standard, the ones off coffee machine.

It's really a great place if you live nearby, not worth the hassle to travel all they way if you're no where near. Nothing special. Also, most cafes are run by owners themselves, if not locals. This is one cafe run by foreigners - don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is the reason why owners themselves are in the cafe is because they want to deliver the quality themselves and create a better personal touch. Hiring foreigners to run their cafes is no difference from any of the major restaurants/cafes you see in the shopping malls. So for me, it's really not worth it then. I could have just gone to the mall if I want something so generic.

I One  
27, Jalan Jintan
Taman Supreme
56100 Kuala Lumpur

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