Saturday, July 2, 2016

Loi's Top Beef & Bakuteh

So much anticipation when I've heard there's something called Beef Bakuteh. So we were the earliest to arrive and we ordered food for one person as we had to reserve space for other food in Melaka. Little did we know the broth is made out of loads of pepper, just take a look at the side of the pot. 

Loads of pepper and chilli and has no herbal taste at all. It has beef balls, intestines, tripe, and all the unwanted parts. It also has vegetables and fu chuk in it. No beef slices or any beef meat inside because the uncle claimed that these ingredients "are too expensive". Uhh, we've travelled for so far so why didn't you offer us an upgrade since we were willing to pay more instead of eating this pot of rubbish? I was never a fan of innards and I hate it when people use rubbish like these to substitute because they can't offer the real thing.

But anyhow, I will not recommend anyone for this pot of soup is extremely spicy - Sichuan style chilli! It is no where near Bakuteh even though there was one piece of floating dongguai. Also, why bother paying to eat innards? I did a Google search and what we have gotten is no where near what others advertised it to be. 

P/S: The owner is Lois himself which is another typical old man who can't stop grumbling about prices going up so he has to up our prices too. I mean uncle, hello, welcome to the real world.

Loi's Top Beef & Bakuteh  
26, Jalan Permai 2
Taman Perkota
75350, Malacca
Opening Hours
Daily 10.30am - 2pm; 6pm - 10pm

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