Monday, July 18, 2016

Portuguese Settlement: Stall 3 Restaurant Sanjuang

Portuguese Settlement is crazy. I repeat CRAZY. The moment we turned into the area, this guy followed us all the way to where we parked. I was a little confused, have I not paid the parking? The moment we got out of the car, the guy started to harass us. He kept going on and on about his stall number said he will usher us to his stall. I was getting a little confused, what stall again?

So in Portuguese Settlement area, there are 10 stalls. They all go by numbers - Stall 1 to Stall 10. All these people will start to harass you the moment you step out of your car. We walked from the carpark - Stall 1 all the way to Stall 10 - then back. We had then decided to go to the one which did not harass us at all. Stall 3 it is.

Portuguese Baked Fish - The smallest size is RM70, it is generally a medium sized fish to feed 3 pax.

We then realised that all their prices are actually the same. I guess they came to terms on competition. But rest assured, the prices are very expensive.

The taste is not bad, but for the price we paid for it is perhaps, double the price you pay in food court. The place itself is an open area, very hot and full of mozzies. If it's RM50 it is still reasonable, but for this price and in Melaka? It's a bloody rip off. We did request for a smaller fish but they have a "minimum charge" on a fish dish. Uhh.... I didn't know how to react to that.

Sambal Eggplant (RM8)

Small portion, spicy sambal, huge chunks of eggplant, lightly crisp eggplant skin. It is actually quite good!

One fish and one veggie is more than enough for two pax.

Please do not go to Portuguese Settlement for "Portuguese" food. It's just a mixture of Nyonya, Chinese, well basically Malaysian taste with exorbitant prices. Also, the harassing crowd is pretty annoying and can be very scary. I would still like to try Melaka's Portuguese food, but definitely not here. Will do more research the next time I hit Melaka!

Stall 3 - Restaurant Sanjuang
Medan Selera Portuguese Settlement
Ujong Pasir
75050 Melaka


  1. Thanks for the "tips" because we have thought of visiting Malacca.

    1. No problem at all. I could be wrong but it seems like this is one of the only place to get Portuguese food. Maybe locals may have a clue where to get but this is where most people to go. But it feels horrible for people to be following you from shop to shop....

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  3. I wish I had read your blog before visiting the Portuguese settlement because I had exactly the same experience and I also ended up in stall no 3