Saturday, July 30, 2016

Restaurant Ikan Bakar Yap

I wish I've shared this much earlier. This post had been sitting in the Draft section for a year! Slap me please.

Anyway, we wanted to go to the famous Semenyih Fish Valley actually but we went to the wrong shop! It's very near each other and this shop was very quiet.

It was fairly new when we first visited, about 2 years ago?

Limited items in the menu, hopefully they have improved since. I did a search and apparently they have already increase the prices!

As for food quality it wasn't too bad as of what I've remembered. 

Chicken wings, nothing special

I vaguely remembered this place as a not-too-bad. So here I am sharing the photos.

We chose the fishes from their little pond and they will fish out immediately to cook. That's why their fishes are really fresh. 

Just beware that the road to this place is REALLY narrow, please do not drive expensive cars to that area unless you don't mind any damages on it. Not like it's a definite, but it most likely would. We went in a Pajero as those roads are mean for 4WD!

Restaurant Ikan Bakar Yap
584, Jalan Tanah Pinggir
Broga, Lenggeng
71750 Selangor
011-2302 1925

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