Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Restoran Beng Kee

Beng Kee is one of those restaurants along Ulu Klang. We were here because the famous Mei Keng Fatt was closed. We asked for recommendation and they said Chicken Wings is one of the popular dishes. Be prepared, chicken wings are so hairy!! Those wings are also absolutely unfresh and beware of uncooked ones. We had a few uncooked pieces and we asked them to change. Uncle said it's normal for redish blood to be flowing out from the chicken wings. Normal?????? I am so confused.

Apparently their popular dish as well - Luncheon Meat Fried Rice. If it wasn't for the luncheon meat, this whole dish is bland.

No idea how this place survives with such unfresh food, dirty hairy chicken wings should just be removed from the menu. I wouldn't even want to waste a single penny on seafood if they can't even do normal food well. Money well saved, never again...

Restoran Beng Kee  
No. 15, Jalan Awan
68000 Selangor


  1. Yucks..dirty Harry..oops I mean dirty hairy chicken wings?

  2. Boh Tong: Right, and red bloody bones inside! XD