Wednesday, July 20, 2016


This happened last Friday (15th July 16). #UberIceCream

Uber Malaysia, in collaboration with Inside Scoop, went around Klang Valley to deliver ice cream. Inside Scoop also covered JB, while Sangkaya covered Penang and Ipoh.

I ordered a portion to myself , guess these are cheap thrills that keep people alive in the office! Apparently, July is the National Ice Cream month. Well, this is new to me!

For RM15, you get two small cups of artisan ice cream. It's not bad - two scoops of ice cream, plenty of free advertising by consumers! :)

I believe these flavours are specially handcrafted for the event.

Flavour #1: Onde-Onde.

I tasted a hint of Gula Melaka too. It's too darn good! Texture is not very creamy, very, very light with great pandan flavours.

Flavour #2: Valrhona Chocolate with White Truffle and Sea Salt.

Boy, the chocolate is thick, truffle smells awkward but when you taste it, it is pretty good! Sea salt makes it less sweet I guess? At least I didn't find this sweet at all. But to compare to Flavour #1, this texture is thicker. If you love chocolate and truffle, you're missing out big time!

Did you get yourself a box? :)

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