Friday, July 29, 2016


New restaurant along the shops in Damansara Kim.

Wine is currently free of charge if you BYOB.

Menu is extremely limited.

So glad that there is no corkage charge! Well, afterall our "personal" sommelier brought her own glasses too!

Fettuccini Alfredo with Truffle Oil (RM38)

I'm not sure if they named it correctly, aren't these Parpadelle?? Very small portion of pasta with very thinly shaved mushrooms. It's sad to know that with the price they are setting, they did not even add a few more slices of mushroom to it. I believe this is a vegetarian dish, only mushrooms and very strong truffle smell from the oil. The portion needs to be fixed, add more mushrooms and pasta to match the price.

Free Range Chicken (RM30)

This was even more disappointing. A very small cut - definitely the size of your iPhone 6. It was not done particularly special either, just very normal Teppan. Served with garlic flakes and sea salt. The only special thing about the dish is "free range". Still, it's as big as one piece of KFC chicken.

Japanese Wagyu Sirloin 120g (RM118)

Better be good for that price! It melted in the mouth, however I felt the middle part where the redish colour is at, was not room temperature. It was cold. I'm not sure about the pricing that they are charging considering that none of their savoury food is up to par. However, we tried this only after a week of their opening so they may have improved. Also served with garlic and sea salt, which is not creative at all.

Mushrooms with Garlic Butter (RM19)

This was sadly the most disappointing of all. It's another fancy name for pan-fried mushrooms. Anybody can do this at home. For RM18 you slice up to only 2 or 3 mushrooms? On top of that, it was tasteless. No garlic, no salt but just oil. We requested for salt and it tasted slightly better but really, anyone could do better than this. I would never recommend anyone to order this dish. Either improvise it, or reduce the price as it does not justify.

The dessert menu. We practically ordered almost everything! Despite all the misses for their savoury dishes, their desserts won all of our hearts.

Meringue Platter (RM18)

They actually have a prettier plate which looks like a donut ring but because we wanted to surprise our friend this was served on the normal plate instead.

UoVo Meringue (RM18)

Meringue nests with lemon curd and seasonal fruits. Actually not much difference with the previous.

Chamomile Panna Cotta (RM18)

Chamomile panna cotta with caramelised citrus rinds. I swear this is a panna cotta TO DIE FOR!!!!!! 

Chocolate Tart (RM18)

Molten Lava (RM22)

It wasn't too molten - it flowed out extremely slow. Probably a little overdone but still very yummy!

Flourless Chocolate Souffle (RM18)

One of my favourite for the night. Flourless and yet SO GOOD?! It was very fluffy like some egg tart. We stuffed the entire sorbet in and boy it was HEAVEN. This is a MUST order!! Super duper fluffy!

3 Sorbets (RM18)

Most of their desserts come with a scoop of sorbet. If you can't decide, just get their sorbets. It is very, very light and refreshing. It is not the milky version, it is really so light that it melts immediately when it meets the tongue! The Yuzu was one of my personal favourite, I could have that sour thing ALL DAY AND NIGHT.

Their service is slightly slow - perhaps they are still new. Nevertheless, when they attend to us, they try their very best. Their staffs are very nice and helpful people. As for their food, I'm not keen with their savoury food as I find it a little too boring and it's way too expensive. It's a little way too expensive and we were only given IKEA's plates... Nothing wrong with that, just feel that the price of the food does not match with the plates - at least provide better quality plates or set the price lower. I personally find that they need to refine their menu otherwise it will not attract people to return for the second time. Nevertheless, I love their dessert menu and hope they turn into a dessert bar or something. All their desserts are so good it makes you want to have everything!

8, Jalan SS 20/10
Damansara Kim
Petaling Jaya
47400 Selangor

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