Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Toridoki 鶏鬨

Chicken Yakitori bar at Hartamas. Note that there's no pork in the menu. I've noticed that there are a lot of Japanese in the shop too - it must be one of their hangout spots!

Appetisers to start off.

Konsai Salad (RM18)

Combination of grilled broccoli, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot and lotus root topped with mayo. Cheese is grated freshly upon serving. This is a MUST order!!! First time trying this version of salad and it's bloody hell good! To be fair, that's because I love everything that's served on this plate :P

Weekly Specials - Grilled Salmon Belly (RM20)

It looks unappetising but the outer layer is super crispy and it pops when you bite it! Very perfectly done.

Chicken Liver (RM5)

Negima (RM5)

Tsukune (RM11)

Toridoki (RM8)

Sasami (Wasabi) RM5

Cheese Yaki Onigiri (RM12)

The only thing I probably did not like in Toridoki. A lot of blogs advertised this item as a "wow" item, but it did not have the "wow" factor at all. The cheese was only a very thinly sliced cheese, just like the ones you use for sandwiches. It's thin and only a very small piece (possibly 1.5cm x 1.5cm). I could barely taste the cheese at all and it makes no sense to call this a cheese onigiri...

Goya Chanpuru (RM16)

See that little bottle with yellow cap somewhere 3 oclock of this picture??? According to the waitress, that little thing is some extra spicy mustard and it burns!! True enough it was so spicy I couldn't feel a thing for a while. It was a mistake to think Japanese "chilli" are usually not spicy!

The staffs speak very minimal English - probably one out of many speaks better English. It works better by pointing at the menu rather than asking them anything at all.. Their service is tad bit slow, but bearable if you have the time.

As for their food - the overall experience was great. I never expected the food to be so satisfying because I normally love my dose of pork for Yakitori. They really did a good job with their chicken dishes. Also, it was my first time trying the Okinawan bittergourd dish and it was wonderful! I would recommend this place for Chicken Yakitori. For Yakitori with pork, Sumika would be a better option. Note that if you are a chicken lover, I personally feel Toridoki has better options.

Toridoki 鶏鬨
No. 40 Jalan 24/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 12am - 2.30pm; 5.30pm - 10.30pm
Toridoki's Page
Toridoki on Facebook

Tori Doki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Nanda Chicken

Korean side dishes.

Green Salad (RM15)

Ramen Junngsik (RM18)

Chicken with Cheese - Half Spicy and Half Original(RM62)

Wait for it to melt....

Wait for it...

....DIP IT.

So much cheese!!!!!!!! A tad bit oily though. Chicken batter a little too thick.

We finished the cheese halfway through so we paid for additional cheese.

Not sure if I'll return - the cheese so absolutely a fantastic idea but the fried chicken is a rather tasteless with a thick batter. I prefer the cheese option at Mr. Dakgalbi as it's not as oily.

Kudos to the man who runs this place single-handedly. He's a foreigner and seems to speak little English. Nevertheless, he looks very relaxed and handles everyone very well! 

Nanda Chicken
11, Jalan Solaris 2
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours 
Mon - Sat 3.30pm - 2am
Sun 3.30pm - 12am

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hacha Mecha

Cocktails from IKKI. I find IKKI's cocktails are not as super as what everyone raved about. I shall have a separate post for their cocktails.

Sauteed Mushroom (RM18)

Nothing spectacular, something you can prepare at home.

Roasted Eggplant (RM15)

Same goes to this dish. Pretty overpriced snacks  you can prepare at home actually.

Signature Firesides Platter (RM75)

Yakitori - It was alright but not worth the price because it wasn't fantastic. Clearly it was worth at most RM50? This obviously is no where near Sumika. The grilled flavours aren't there at all.

Norwegian Salmon Duet (RM60)

Beautifully presented, not sure why the salmon sashimi are exceptionally red (Marinated with beetroot? Not sure but I really thought it looks like tuna at first glance?). Then there's the regular pan fried salmon and boy the skin was really crispy! I like how they pair it with glass noodles which makes it so Asian.

Wagyu Sliders (RM28) + Foie Gras (RM30)

These slides are just regular burgers, smaller than your palm. Adding a foie gras makes it so much better! Though it wasn't so pleasant to see those blackcharred bits on the foiegras - not sure it was from the bread or the pan used to fry the foie gras wasn't cleaned properly.

Bara Wagyu Foie Gras Donburi (RM95)

A tad bit too salty, otherwise everything else were great. For the ungenerous portion of meat and foie gras, I would say the next dish has a much better value.

Truffled Wagyu Donburi (RM75) *RM30 for additional foie gras.

This looks way better and tasted much better too. We did not order even more foie gras as we had already added in some of our dishes.

Unagi Tamage Donburi (RM55)

This was extremely disappointing - the unagi has a lot of bones. So many that we had to page the staff to inform them of this situation. The staff only said "it's normal to be like that". I'm not sure if they are trained to speak that way, but that's certainly not right. Also, there was no offer to change / remove it off the bill for such a amateur mistake. For an upscale restaurant, bones should be completely removed. If not don't serve it at all. 

I complained via Instagram and the handler responded with a more positive note - to prepare another bowl on the house the next time I return. This is a great way to let us know that they can do better than that. I haven't actually gone back for food every since - maybe next time. Thanks for handling it well!

Cold "Tuna" Sashimi (RM28)

..Which is actually made out of watermelon slices. I thought it was a little weird and I didn't enjoy it overall.

Macha Panna Cotta (RM20)

This was a better option - the Matcha infused panna cotta was really smooth. Red beans were a bit too sweet though.

Hacha Mecha
Unit E-G-08, Ground Floor
No. 436, Jalan Tun Razak
55000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours 
Sun-Thurs 6pm - 12am
Fri & Sat 6pm - 4.30am
Hacha Mecha on Facebook

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ruyi & Lyn

Ruyi & Lyn is a pork free restaurant (not sure if they are Halal as they serve alcohol).

The "Tidbits" (RM6) we did not order. 2 plates of sour tomatoes.

Oh you wouldn't believe it that they charged without telling us and served without asking us. That's a scam!

More tidbits we did not order and get charged for - Rice Crispies (RM6).

Also, the tomatoes tasted so sour and horrible. Rice Crispies are the ones you get off supermarket shelves. Beware of their scamming tidbits - we got charged 4 plates for nothing.

Prawn Roll Mango Cream(RM18)

This was really good - the batter is very light and fluffy.

Delicate Tofu (RM18)

Apparently homemade tofus. I didn't really like it as it was a bit too soft and bubbly. Those of you who loves it soft will love this.
Gyoza Pancake (RM18)

Nothing special at all. Just deep-fried vegetable plus flour.

Chicken Chop (RM33)

This is seriously one pathetic chicken chop. The chicken was served much later, soaked in the sauce which made the whole chicken batter soft, soggy and disgusting. The size of the chicken? No bigger than my palm. 20% batter, 80% chicken, yup.

Prawn Salad (RM33)

This fusion Chinese-Thai salad is really, really good. Prawns on eggplant with Thai-infused sourish lime juice dressing.

Crab Curry Rice (RM68)

Also not to be missed - the Thai inspired curry rice served in a dimsum basket is really flavourful! Fried rice just just regular, the Thai herbs mixed in the curry made it so flavourful one bowl is not enough!

Singapore Fried Noodles (RM33)

Portion good for 2-3 pax as you'll get a bowl each? Nothing special, just fried noodles with scallops, prawns and crab meat.

Overall, there are some hits and misses but I wouldn't mind going again to try the rest of the items I haven't. However, I'll be more cautious from now on - remember to tell them you don't want their lousy overpriced appetisers. Such a shame for such an upscale Chinese restaurant to be charging without informing their customers. I wouldn't have been so disappointed if the snacks are good - seriously who on Earth would pay RM24 for these lousy so-called terrible tidbits?!

Ruyi & Lyn
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 2am
Lunch 12pm - 2.30pm
Dinner 6pm - 2am
Ruyi & Lyn on Facebook