Monday, August 22, 2016

Auntie Sim Kitchen

Pork Belly (RM7.50)

We were looking for something affordable, something light as it was pretty late - it was almost 8.30pm. For less than RM10, you can get a decent meal in an air-conditioned cafe. That's not too bad but I would not recommend ordering extras, such as the pork belly when it is towards the end of the day. The pork belly was cold, dry and hard.

Pork Kuay Chap (RM8.80)

I grew to be very fond of Kuay Chap ever since having such a good one at Penang. I know I will not be able to find the same quality, but I'll be very contented to find an OK one in Klang Valley. Sadly this one at Auntie Sims is not up to par. The broth is not flavourful and it is very diluted. Nothing like the one in Penang.... However, the chilli that came with the noodles is AMAZING!!!!

Curry Noodle (RM11.50)

Oh this bowl of noodle is not your regular curry noodle - the broth is slightly on the sweet side, thick coconut flavours and it has ROAST PORK in it!!! I have to admit the amount of noodles they stuff in their noodle bowl is enough to feed two pax!!! Very generous portion for that price.

They have plenty of other dishes to cater bigger groups too. I noticed many ordered their porridge with dishes, it seems pretty popular! Their dishes are all reasonably priced, which explains the crowd to this little cafe.

Restoran Auntie Sim Kitchen  
24, Jalan SS 21/58
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya
47400 Selangor

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