Friday, August 5, 2016

Iiga Warung

Some crisps / crackers / keropok / whichever you want to name it. They served it along with a sauce for the ribs. The sauce is a little spicy, and having it with the crisps made burnt our tongues! The sauce is extremely spicy!

Lime Juice in a fancy mug

Mie Goreng with Ribs (IDR79k / USD6.10)

The noodles were clearly undercooked - it was rough hard. It felt like it had only just been blanched instead.

Pork Ribs (IDR135k / USD10.40)

Apparently famous for their ribs - their ribs are not tender and does not fall of the skin. It is the same ribs served with mie goreng. Sadly, the only thing worth raving about is the sauce, the extra spicy ribs sauce is good. Please do not come here for their ribs, it is a disappointment. For the price and the portion, Hog's Wild in Seminyak certainly did not disappoint.

Also, the price in this warung is way too expensive for their tiny portion. I'm confused, are they trying to set a fine dining level in a warung with really lousy quality food?

Some of the other items in the menu. So, so overpriced for Bali's standards. Salad for USD4.60, just greens for that price??? Just please avoid this place. So not worth it at all. 

We should have had thei crisps and their spicy BBQ sauce all night since that was the only edible thing on the table.

iiga Warung
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