Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Nalu Bowls

I was wondering why would people order this bowl of fruity stuff. I would go down to one of the Warungs instead! No way I'm having this.

But I was wrong! Nalu Bowls is the PERFECT bowl when you're feeling hungry and hot! We walked all the way down, then all the way back up and we were desperate to have something cold.

Pipeline (IDR55k) + Dragon Fruit (3k) - USD4.50

Banana * Pineapple * Mango * Coconut * Coconut Milk * Coconut Water * Dragon Fruit

Healthier version of Pina Colada

Uluwatu (65k) - USD5

Dragon Fruit * Banana * Papaya * Raspberry * Apple Juice

With that hot weather, this is such a life saving bowl! Well, to be fair we had crappy breakfast at the hotel so this bowl made up for it. The view came along with it! Becareful of bees though, it is so delicious that even bees are attracted to it!

This little fruit bar is located at Single Fin Bar, Blue Point. You won't miss it as it is right at the entrance! You may be a You may be a little skeptical like me too - why waste calories like but trust me. This bowl is really refreshing, I wished I had not eaten hotel's breakfast instead (it's pretty crap food). Enjoy your fruity bowl!

Nalu Bowls
Jalan Mamo, Labuan Sait
Opening Hours
Daily 7.30am - 6pm
Nalu Bowls' Page

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