Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pane e Vino

Chicken salad. Not sure if this is also known as Caesar salad to them?!

Seafood Pasta.

This was really, really bland.

Vegetarian Pizza

I don't know how to describe how sad I felt when I saw this pizza. The base was OK, rather thin and crusty. The toppings are really so sad, can't they add more CHEESE??? It's already almost tasteless to have this pizza where the tomato base is just flat, they rationed on cheese? That's just sad.

Fritto Misto not properly deep-fried. It was not golden enough.

Tiramisu was really bad too - way too sweet.

Seriously. Do not have Italian food in Germany. Everything we had were below average, it's great to fill your tummy and definitely not worth a return. I might have ordered all the wrong food, just don't order anything I've shown in this post if you really have to go.

Pane e Vino
Friedrichstraße 134
10117 Berlin
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 1am
Pane e Vino's Page

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