Friday, August 12, 2016

Que Nha

Saigon beer to go with our hotpot!

Some "flower" vegetable.

Deep-fried Spring Rolls

Some Quail Stew

We actually cancelled this but it came anyway.

Vietnamese version hotpot.

It's a huge pot of soup with pork bone, ribs and vegetables. It is actually pretty OK, similar to Chinese hotpot.

Broken Fried Rice

Gosh I will never order Vietnamese broken rice anymore. Some bits of it are undercooked, it's hard like biting pebbles. I just did not enjoy eating rice in Vietnam.

Quê Nhà Restaurant  
1 Công trường Quốc Tế
phường 6
Ho Chi Minh
Opening Hours
Daily 10am - 10.30pm

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