Thursday, August 18, 2016

Restaurant U Supa

Some restaurant in between our hotel and the Old Town Square. Seems like a busy place to us, so we decided to stop by for lunch.

Goose Giblet Broth with Liver (CZK97/€3.60)

Apparently it's common to serve liver in Czech's soup. I find the version at Mincovna is better for my taste buds - I dislike liver and Mincovna's version is lighter. Also, this version at U Supa has a thicker layer of oil.

Escargots (CZK198/€7.35)

Escargots with mild cheese. It was a little too salty though.

Spicy Goulash from Beef Chuck (CZK255/€9.50)

Apparently one of the popular dishes, as recommended by the staff. It's not spicy at all, served with buns which is identical to Chinese Mantaus. The beef was really, really tender and goes well with the bun.

Grilled Pork Knee with Bone (CZK266/€9.85)

Or.... the Czech version pork knuckle. Honestly, Czech's version do look like German's. However it taste nothing like German's. German pork knuckle has a very crispy layer of skin and it's possible to cut with your fork and knife. Czech's version on the other hand, is impossible to cut. The only way to rip the skin apart is to bite it! Can you imagine how tough the skin is? The meat was great, a little dry but the skin was a little disappointing.

I didn't know Czech has a tipping culture? I'm not sure if it's a con job, but they circled it. I wanted to go to Mincovna initially, where it's cheaper and they are much more popular, so there's no reason to us to tip. On top of that, service was almost non-existent. It took them forever to come to us for any reasons (eg. to order / check on the order / to get water / everything). Food wasn't particularly WOW either. So really, no reason to tip, sorry.

All in all, their food is considered expensive in Czech's standards due to the location. However, if you would compare their prices to food in the UK or even other parts of Europe, eg. Italy or Germany, their prices are cheaper actually. Nevertheless, I would still not recommend them either - as least I won't return.

Restaurant U Supa
Celetná 563/22,
110 00
Czech Republic
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