Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ruyi & Lyn

Ruyi & Lyn is a pork free restaurant (not sure if they are Halal as they serve alcohol).

The "Tidbits" (RM6) we did not order. 2 plates of sour tomatoes.

Oh you wouldn't believe it that they charged without telling us and served without asking us. That's a scam!

More tidbits we did not order and get charged for - Rice Crispies (RM6).

Also, the tomatoes tasted so sour and horrible. Rice Crispies are the ones you get off supermarket shelves. Beware of their scamming tidbits - we got charged 4 plates for nothing.

Prawn Roll Mango Cream(RM18)

This was really good - the batter is very light and fluffy.

Delicate Tofu (RM18)

Apparently homemade tofus. I didn't really like it as it was a bit too soft and bubbly. Those of you who loves it soft will love this.
Gyoza Pancake (RM18)

Nothing special at all. Just deep-fried vegetable plus flour.

Chicken Chop (RM33)

This is seriously one pathetic chicken chop. The chicken was served much later, soaked in the sauce which made the whole chicken batter soft, soggy and disgusting. The size of the chicken? No bigger than my palm. 20% batter, 80% chicken, yup.

Prawn Salad (RM33)

This fusion Chinese-Thai salad is really, really good. Prawns on eggplant with Thai-infused sourish lime juice dressing.

Crab Curry Rice (RM68)

Also not to be missed - the Thai inspired curry rice served in a dimsum basket is really flavourful! Fried rice just just regular, the Thai herbs mixed in the curry made it so flavourful one bowl is not enough!

Singapore Fried Noodles (RM33)

Portion good for 2-3 pax as you'll get a bowl each? Nothing special, just fried noodles with scallops, prawns and crab meat.

Overall, there are some hits and misses but I wouldn't mind going again to try the rest of the items I haven't. However, I'll be more cautious from now on - remember to tell them you don't want their lousy overpriced appetisers. Such a shame for such an upscale Chinese restaurant to be charging without informing their customers. I wouldn't have been so disappointed if the snacks are good - seriously who on Earth would pay RM24 for these lousy so-called terrible tidbits?!

Ruyi & Lyn
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 2am
Lunch 12pm - 2.30pm
Dinner 6pm - 2am
Ruyi & Lyn on Facebook

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