Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Red Beanbag

We booked via Off Peak and got ourselves a wonderful 50% off! The only thing I've noted is their service when they are about to close. We arrived at 5.20pm and we were hurried to make choices, order, eat, and leave. Like everything we did we were hurried to quickly do it. 

I understand that they want to close, and leave at 6pm sharp, and they could have not taken our booking then... But if they have taken it so please perform your best. Unfortunately, I find everything was such a hurry that food presentation wasn't the best and service is a little lacking. 

Smashing Advocate (RM25)

Not too bad. The whole combi is great - bread, ham, avocado, nicely poached eggs, messy watercress.

Only downside is the rather lazy watercress mess. They ran out of beef bacon so they replaced it with ham.... In terms of presentation it wasn't great. But taste was alright.

Don't bother calling them either- their phone is faulty (at least it didn't work on 23rd Aug). I called them so many times they did not pick up or just couldn't hear me then tell me it's my phone's problem.

Who Zoo Yuzu (RM22)

Thick pancakes, yuzu sauce, orange slices, chia seeds, basil leaves, a scoop of ice cream. Great combi, berry ice cream is very refreshing. Nothing to fault!

Overall, I will give it another try once again perhaps not when they are "about the close"? Rather disappointing on our first, perhaps it is one of those days. I will not penalise them immediately because their food is actually not bad.

Also, note that their food is Halal. I've confirmed with the wait staff but unsure they are certified Halal. They kitchen staffs looks Malay too, just in case you're still worried about the certification. It's good for everyone.

The Red Beanbag 
Lot A4-1-8 Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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