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Chandi looks like another restaurant among the many along the busy streets of Seminyak. They have a casual dress code but not sure if it really applies? We noticed so many tourists entering with slippers. Classy much? Not.

We opted for the chef's tasting men, with really high hopes. Just one set as I would like to try their ala carte items too. I had plans for possibly 3 desserts if I could fit! As for their tasting menu, there are hits and misses. Some of which that should be eliminated!

This was on the seasonal menu - Pork Belly Salad (68k/USD5.30). It was actually so badly done the pork belly was ROCK HARD. The knife is useless, we had to bite it. Normally, I would return something so badly done, but I allowed it to slip this time around. I thought I may be wrong about them.

Seared Scallop Salad (hit) - very juicy and bouncy; it was so perfectly done! But the bed of salad is just lazy.

 Black Pepper Crab Dumplings (miss) - an absolute horrid and it should not even be on the table! Sorry, but Chinese does a way better job in this. This skin is thick, the meat is bland, it's just plain salty!! This is the dumpling to cheat those who doesn't know what a dumpling is.

Caramelised Butter Fish (miss) - It was well caramelised, but a little over done, hence it doesn't melt like what most people had claimed it to be. Perhaps, it was just mine and normally it does melt.

Grilled Slipper Lobster Dabu Dabu (hit) - Honestly, the sauce tastes about the same. The only thing they have in common is the saltiness. Grilled slipper wasn't completely grilled so it has the slimy texture but yet it carried the grilled flavours too. I actually like how it's kind of half-grilled? Not sure if it should be like that but it's actually pretty good.

Balinese Duck Lilit (hit) - Possibly my favourite among all. This has very fragrant herbs, like the typical Balinese sate. They have a menu just for Sate, perhaps it is way better than the tasting menu.

Beef Rendang Envelopes (miss) - I don't even understand how did this item scored into the tasting menu. This tasted exactly like Indian curry but the texture on the outside is soft and just did not score. Just like the dumpling, why would I want something that's neither here nor there?

Crisp Pork Belly (miss) - Just like the first dish, the pork belly's skin is especially hard. It looks like they cooked the belly the same way. It was the same taste and equally rock hard. I did not return it, which is so unusual of me to accept something that bad. The sauce is just the typical Chinese vegetable dish with a mixture of possible soy sauce and oyster. This is an extreme miss.

Chandi's Classic Beef Short Ribs (hit & miss) - Love their ribs - super duper tender!! I hope it wasn't Masterfoods meat tenderiser... Nevertheless, we really love the beef. We did not like the bed of blanched vegetables. It's a common vegetable used for Chinese cooking, not Balinese. This bed of vegetables shows how lazy the dish is. What's the point of having such a yummy piece of ribs on such a lazy bed of vegetables? More effort is needed for this dish. Think of something more Balinese to go with this dish, not Chinese.

Duck Tasting for One (210k)

I swear this dish is large it is to feed 1.5 of us!

Bebek Betutu

It was alright just very normal though. It has great herb flavours, very tender piece of meat but it wasn't a wow factor.

Duck Sate Lilit was fantastic just like the previous one we had. Served with Salted Duck Egg and Urab Salad. Surprisingly, this was served a  very Balinese style as compared to the tasting menu. The effort is clearly shown for their Duck Tasting Set, unlike the very lazy Chef Tasting Menu.

The only chilli they serve, which was really very sweet and not spicy at all. Now it clearly shows this place is a tourist trap to serve those who can't take authentic Balinese and their proper flavours. They tweak it and make it so fusion for tourists.

Pure Dark Cocoa Fondant (neither hit nor miss) - just a very regular fondant. It's molten but it did not flow out like lava.

Yes the lava did flow out. Very slowly. Not sure if it's overdone? Roasted Tamarillos with Fresh Passion Fruit and Coconut Sorbet served on the side.

After having two different tasting sets, we figured we could not have anything else anymore. Also, the fact that their food scored more misses than hits, that contributed to the decision of having more desserts. 

I have actually done my research on this place but sadly what people wrote about this place, turns out to be so different. This is why bloggers should be banned from sharing their so-called experience and food as it creates deceptive advertising. Sigh. I guess this will not be in my list of Balinese eats on my next visit to Bali. Merah Putih is a much better option!

Chandi Seminyak
Jalan Laksmana 72
Bali 80361
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 12am
Chandi's Page

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