Thursday, September 15, 2016

Merah Putih

It is advisable to book way ahead to avoid disappointment! I made my booking two weeks prior to my trip. Not sure about dinner, but there were actually quite a few empty tables for lunch. 

Little mini appetiser for everyone.

This chilli, is AMAZING! It looks really mild but it's actually very spicy!!!

Perkedel Kentang (35k / USD2.80)

Possibly the best Perkedel I've ever tasted! Lightly crisp outside and very soft inside. Just that perfect Perkedel texture!

Jangkang (90k / USD6.90)

Soft shell crab with salted egg. It was great but wasn't anything extraordinary, as in it tasted very good, but nothing special as the Chinese does a better job for this dish.

Beef Bak Pao (70k / USD5.40)

Usually the Chinese would use pork, but their version is with beef instead. Just basically very tender rendang on bao. Have it together with the green chilli - tasted very much better!

Popia Bebek (100k / USD7.70)

The boneless duck is just SO GOOD!! The skin is absolutely crispy and the meat is still succulent!

The pancakes to go with the popiah. 

Rawon Buntut (95k / USD7.30)

Sup buntut is a little salty as it comes with salted egg, but it's just wonderful. The meat is very tender! Their version comes with beansprouts.

Feasting round 1. We had to share our dishes as we wanted to order almost everything in the menu!

Babi Panggang (130k / USD10)

Even the rice that came with the pork is beautiful. They make Balinesse food so beautiful you just want to dig in immediately! It's like having Chinese Siu Yuk, but coated with Balinese herbs and served with extra pork skin. It's just mind-blowing.

Rujak Babi (85k / USD6.50)

Even the presentation makes me melt. The pork salad is one of my favourite, well everything was good but this one is a little sourish and spicy, comes with my favourite coriander. The different kind of flavours were so on point. I did a quick check and unfortunately this is no longer in their lunch menu :(

Ikan Bakar (175k / USD13.50)

Just grilled fish and clam. It's delicious and price is also a little high. Those clams are coated with garlic crumbs and I could have a whole dozen of that!

Kacang Mente (45k / USD3.50)

Last but not least, their desserts are not to be missed.

Mangga (45k / USD3.50)

The stunning presentation itself made us order everything except the Chocolate Mousse.

Madu (45k / USD3.50)

Most of these desserts they have crafted include local herbs and fruits.

Markisa (45k / USD3.50)

Just like this local passionfruit creme brulee. 

Kelapa (70k / USD5.40)

Admittingly, we ordered the Kelapa because it's beautiful and it did not disappoint at all.

Everything looks so beautiful, I'll definitely visit again on my next trip to Bali!

Merah Putih
Jalan Petitenget No. 100x,
Kerobokan, Kuta
Bali 80361
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 3pm; 6pm till late
Merah Putih's Page
Merah Putih on FB

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