Monday, September 26, 2016

Ruenthai Restaurant

It is so difficult to look for a proper Thai restaurant in Pattaya! There are more Western food than Thai food to be honest. Thankfully, Ruenthai is right next to our hotel. It's within walking distance from Marriott Pattaya.

However, we noticed that there were no locals around. This place is definitely catered for tourists like us. Not too bad if it's your first time as they also have performances up on the stage to kill time.

Remember to carry a mosquito repellent too if you're prone to mozzies.

Goong Che Nam Pla (Thai Raw Prawns)

It was so spicy, I swear I could not even walk down the road. Becareful with the chilli! Most authentic Thai places will actually serve it raw but they served it half raw. They probably blanched it with hot water in fear of salmonella.

Green Curry

As you can see from the picture itself, it's diluted.

Tom Yam Goong

Same goes to the tomyam - but this was really spicy too.

Nam Prik Pla Tu / Thai Salad with Mackerel

Overall, we felt that the Thai choices back in Malaysia scores higher than this place. They advertised this place as one of the top 5's in Pattaya but honestly speaking, either it was not up to standards or we ordered the wrong food. It wasn't too bad for an average meal, but I will not go back for the second time. We had difficulties searching for a Thai restaurant in Pattaya so we didn't have a choice to begin with...

Ruenthai Restaurant Pattaya
Bang Lamung District
20150 Pattaya
Chon Buri
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 11pm
Ruenthai's Page

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