Wednesday, September 7, 2016


All I can say is, I've not learnt my less. By lesson, I meant how Senjyu score badly, as an overall package. Second visit proved it even better.

Teapot Soup (RM14.99)

One cent lesser used to be a marketing tactic where it makes the product look cheaper. Today, the one cent trick is no longer as powerful - who the hell cares about that cent? We are all going to round it to RM15 anyway.

Foie Gras & Oyster Roll (RM27.99)

In our last trip to Senjyu, I told myself never to return again. However, I thought I may have been quite unlucky that day so this time it may be fine. Therefore, we purchased their voucher on Groupon to give it a second try.

Which was clearly a mistake. The two main things which pissed me off on the first visit being service and item went missing from my tray because they ran out of it, and... It repeated!

Iso Moriawase (RM77.99)

They forgotten about our sashimi and pretended as if it's coming. Most tables who came later already got theirs while we waited for close to 45 minutes for it. An apology and the truth will be better rather than telling us the chef is preparing the oyster. You mean 45 minutes and he still can't open the oyster? Why not tell me that the oyster ate Elephant Glue, hence the 45 minutes wait?

Let's play the guessing game. What is missing? It was the one I anticipate the MOST. When I told the staff she said yes something is missing, and she couldn't even answer the right one. She said they replaced it with Octopus when in fact the menu states there is Octopus. So what is missing again?

Menu description: Raw oyster, yellowtail, salmon, octopus, sweet shrimp, butterfish and surf clam.

Also, clearly the set cannot feed 3-4 pax. This set can only feed two. They rationed the set and obviously it is not worth the price. Thank goodness for Groupon otherwise RM78 for this plate of crap?

Yes the sweet shrimp is MISSING. Sweet Shrimp on Ala Carte costs RM27.99. They replaced it with Sea Bass (RM17.99) WITHOUT informing. See the two slices beside the oyster? That's how they cheat customers - they replace with a cheaper item and minimal slices. Also, look at the Hokkigai (the vibrant looking clam), they served only ONE pathetic piece. The piece is sliced halfway through into about 4 pieces like how you make Pom Poms. ONE PATHETIC PIECE OF HOKKIGAI!

I've ordered Sake and the T&C in the voucher clearly stated it cannot be used to cover drinks but can be used to cover GST and Service Charge. They charged GST and Service for our drinks and tried to make us pay full. Please beware of the terms - stand firm that you can pay for it because it says so. I fought for it for a while and refused to pay them a single cent of GST and service charge as my voucher could cover. I paid for my Sake and left. Well anyway, their service is so bad that you aren't sure how can they even charge you for it.

Becareful of this cheating place - they will not serve if they do not have the item in their kitchen / replace it to something cheaper. Even if it's 50%, Senjyu is completely not worth it. Two times is definitely great for me to say this place is crap and I hope they realise they are pretty shitty in terms of service and their food portion.

Goodbye cheating Senjyu, will never go back again!

P/S: Pay more and go for Rakuzen. 100 folds better than this crappy place.

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Bangsar Village 2,
2, Jalan Telawi 1
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 10am

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