Saturday, October 15, 2016

Folklore Garden

A typical place catered for tourists where you can dine and watch traditional Czech performances. As they cater to mostly big groups, I'm unsure if they do take party of two. Again, it wouldn't be fun if you're going in a group of two. I wouldn't say they serve the best food, as I've not been here long enough to compare; what they are offering is the atmosphere.

Cheese with bread for starters.

Czech potato soup with wild mushroom

Refillable salad

Choice #1: Salmon

Choice #2 - Grilled chicken

Apple Struddel to end our dinner..

The best thing is drinks are UNLIMITED!!!! It includes beer, red and white wine, water and soft drink. A shot of traditional wine / honeywine is served as welcome drink.

There are lots of performances, from intrumental, traditional dances to singing songs we could not understand but it's OK because we enjoyed it! Also, I like how they engage with their customers. They have games and dances which makes us customers go up and dance with them. 

Unfortunately, the place closes at 10-ish pm. They stopped the music and performances by 9ish in hopes that we will leave? It would be nice to keep it open till 11pm, or start earlier at about 6.30pm. Nevertheless, it's a great place to hang out for tourists to enjoy Czech's food and performances all under one roof!

Folklore Garden
Corner of Na Zlíchově & Nad Konečnoě
159 00 Praha
Czech Republic
Opening Hours
Daily 7pm - 10pm
*Please confirm with establishment
Folklore Garden's Page
Folklore Garden on Facebook

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