Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor

We landed in Seng Thor for thier famous oyster omelette. It is so popular that the wait is at least an hour!

While waiting, there are only a few things to do. One is to order even more food. Char Kueh Teow (RM6) is certainly not bad, not popular but it's definitely better than the ones in Klang Valley.

Oyster comes in different size. We ordered the RM10, it's good to feed two pax. That's the problem - it's better off to order RM15 at least if you're already waiting for an hour.

They prepare it batch by batch with their hot pan. The pan is filled with oil, so thick layer of oil to create the crusty bits. It's cooked with lots of chives and because they cook it for a long time to create the crispiness, therefore, the chives are definitely black as it's way overcooked. Doesn't matter if it's green or black, it's just there for mild flavours.

Oh Jien (RM10)

You may not like if as it is really very oily. It may be too oily for most peoeple, but it's the oil that creates the crispiness. Better order a cup of hot tea to have with it!

Just FYI, the wantan mee shop is very dirty and it's good to avoid. We spent an hour waiting for the omelette and the wantan man spent an hour with his dirty hands handling food after touching money. You may think it's fine, but when he ran out of noodles, he had to get more from his noodle pile which is wrapped with newspapers infested with flies. Food falling all over his counter, no blanching done and the food is straight away served right on the noodles. I just can't get the disgusting image off my head. Never ever order the wantan mee!

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor
160, Lebuh Carnarvon
George Town
10100 Pulau Pinang

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