Sunday, October 30, 2016

Les Quinze Nits

Baby Octopus

Mixed Greens

Les Quinze Nits' famous Arròs Negre

I did not realise that these photos did not go up. I found this place online as I was searching for what to eat at Barcelona. I haven't tried a lot of black rice, but theirs was one of the better ones. In fact one of the best I've tried. Even the Spanish joints in London aren't as good. This restaurant seems to be one of the busiest in the square so it has to be good!

Les Quinze Nits
Plaça Reial, 6,
08002 Barcelona
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 11.30pm


  1. Hello Yvonne,
    Interesting, and intelligently informative blog. You do cover some ground.
    Since you do, have you found ANY places in KL that have black rice? Either hak loh mai, or congee.
    I have been searching, searching, searching. Some of the references on the internet do not seem to exist any more. AND I have also been asking a lot of people.
    Ohla at Intermark has gone; Tang Pak Fu at KLCC has gone, not sure if is still at mid-valley; AND the one (supposedly at Hutong - Lot 10) - 1 of your favorite places ... hahaha I could not find. Only one possibility. And HE was affronted when I said I wanted proper black rice; not white rice "made black". So it is like good love - hard to find.
    The ONLY place I have so far found is Opium near Bukit Bintang, but haven't yet tried it

    So, do ya know .. huh ... do ya, do ya ..... do ya .. huh?
    Best wishes

    1. Hello Greg,

      Thank you... For Hak Loh Mai.. I usually wouldn't order that as I never really liked it in the first place. But I know a few places that serves it.. Not sure if that's the version you are looking for.... I recall Pudu PMK Dessert serves it... and Lean's @ Atria Shopping Gallery... (Friend ordered at Lean's just about 3 weeks ago?)

      Ohlas is a good riddance anyway, but that's one of the few choices Spanish we could.. but still crap anyway.

      Hope it helps...