Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Osha Bangkok

OSHA Bangkok is popular among locals for local Thai fine dining. Osha first started in the States and not Bangkok surprisingly? I know you must be wondering why a Thai place is from the States.

The not-very-grand entrance.

We made a booking for lunch about 2 weeks prior to our arrival at Bangkok.

...And it was practically empty. Perhaps the crowd is not there during lunch or on weekdays. Which makes it perfect for photos?!

Dancing King Prawns / Raw Prawns / Goong Che Nam Pla (THB380)

The chilli is supposed to be served on the prawns like a scoop of sorbet. We advised the staff that we didn't want our food to be too spicy, so they served it separately. Not so beautiful for pictures but I'll give them plus points for the thoughts!

Crab Fried Rice (THB290)

This item is available in the lunch menu. It looks boring but it's very flavourful. I'm not a fan of fried rice, I usually like my rice plain but this was really fragrant.

Spicy Sea Bass (THB550)

Possibly the only dish that we did not really enjoy. The dish is served less spicy, which was perfect! I think the fillet looks ugly and Thai steamed fish should be a whole fish and not a miserable piece of fillet. It was served on a bed of salty vegetables, presumably preserved, and this dish is none other than salty.

Tom Yum Goong (THB400)

A very fancy way of serving their Tom Yum Goong.

My science is terrible, I have no idea why but the soup goes up.

These prawns are grilled before serving so you can taste it in the soup too.

Once they are done serving, they remove the lid of the complicated science lab equipment and allow you to smell the fresh and aromatic herbs used to the Tom Yam Goong.

So there you go - I have to say this is the fanciest version of Tom Yam Goong I've ever had in my entire life.

Mango Sticky Rice (THB280)

Mangos are sliced very finely. The knife must be a really good one, for sushi? It made every slice of it so smooth and worth it.

Not only the food is appealing, I have to admit their service is impeccable. They managed to calm us undecided people down and made sure we enjoyed our meal. They are really well-trained and very well-mannered. They made us feel very comfortable and constantly checking to ensure if everything's alright. This is definitely a place worth returning!

Osha Bangkok
99 Witthayu Rd, Lumpini
Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 2.30pm; 6 - 12am
Osha's Page

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