Saturday, October 1, 2016

Soo Kee Restaurant

People tend to get a bit confused between Soo Kee Imbi and Soo Kee Ampang. Soo Kee Imbi serves an entirely different menu. The Ampang outlet serves one of the best char siew, and yes they are not related. The "best' definitely may differ from everyone's taste buds, as this normally depends on personal opinion.

This shop has been around for decades, it is definitely older than a lot of you out there. The man who handles the char siew is as old as your grandfather, but do not underestimate this man. He prepares really good char siew and impressed this non-char siew fan here.

The only set back is the price - a meal for two costs us almost RM50. Individual pack goes for about RM8 each, which is slightly higher than most coffee shops out there but its reasonable along Jalan Ampang area. Nevertheless, they delivered the quality we expected so we are not quite bothered about it.

The char siew is very nicely caramelised with a hint of smokey flavour and it has a balance of fats and meat as well. The outer layer is very nicely crisp - not the entire piece but slightly bits and pieces. Otherwise it'll be overcooked. Well, I like it that way as my meat is still juicy inside.

If you're visiting KL, I would definitely recommended to pop by for good char siew, it's not too far from the city centre. Please be patient and do not put high expectations with the service as they may not be one of the best.

Soo Kee Restaurant  
373, Jalan Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur

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