Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thai Tuk Tuk

Located at Publika, this shop seems to be busy all the time. They serve Thai street food with an exorbitant price. You people are paying for their rental as well.

Boran Thai Ice Cream (RM16.90)

Not sure what style is this, but bread??? And there's sticky rice. Nothing wrong with that, except I just wanted coconut ice cream. This is too much for me.

Som Tam (RM15.90)

Yeah, you're probably thinking you can get something like this in Thailand for half the price. Also, the portions in Thailand are twice bigger and much more generous when it comes to ingredients like dried shrimps / salted egg / salted crab. Theirs is a very small and sad portion which consists of very little taste of the shrimps.

Pandan Chicken (RM13.90)

The pandan chicken is exceptionally small, and also pretty disgusting. The chicken is wrapped with pandan leaves and it's unusually oily. They are too lazy to even drain the oil before serving! The middle bits are a little pinkish. I'm not even sure if it's because of being frozen for too long so it isn't fresh or it's just undercooked. Also, these are not chunks of chicken meat, it's 50% chicken meat, 40% chicken fats and 10% chicken skin. After removing the disgusting 50%, I'm left with the chicken meat no bigger than a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Wait, the chocolate is bigger than the actual chicken meat. This is anything but good.

"Original" Coconut Shake (RM15.90)

Please slap yourself silly if you order the Coconut Shake. It's so full you cannot move or stir. It's a pile of tasteless shaved ice. It melts extremely fast due to our weather condition. It messed up the place. When we finally had most of the tasteless shaved ice, the bottom bit is extremely sweet. What kind of coconut shake is this????? I just can't. For RM15.90, there are better options out there.

And the prices are not inclusive of GST and Service Charge. Yes, please spend your money elsewhere. This place is now listed on the Top 10 Terrible Thai Joints in Klang Valley. 

On a side note, it's Halal. Perhaps that's why the attracted so many people. I shall continue to hunt for Pork Free/Halal Thai shops in Klang Valley which are MUCH better than this one.

Thai Tuk Tuk
A1-G2-9 Publika
1 Jalan Dutamas 1
Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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