Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Glass House Pattaya

The Glass House is quite far from Pattaya Beach Road. Google map says 20 minutes but the actual travelling time can be up to 40 minutes due to the traffic. Also, do book in advance (about 2 days or so) if you want a table with a great view - you should get your hotel to do it for you.

Raw Prawns / Goong Che Nam Pla (THB195)

Thai Fish Cakes / Tod Mun Pla (THB190)

Coconut Thai Amok (THB260)

Yellow Curry Seafood (THB200)

We enjoyed the food in general - it was really difficult to find Thai food in Pattaya which we wondered why too. Everything we had were all appetising but slightly pricey. For the price they charge, it's pretty much like fine dining for Pattaya's standards.

Our table's perfect view. 

Oh. They charge for ICE too. Wow.

Few things that ticked us off:
  1. Staffs are confused AF when we arrived - we gave them our booking details and they are still confused. Took them almost 10 minutes to look for the booking and table.
  2. When we were brought to our table, no menus were given. Obviously the next thing to do is to signal for menus.
  3. Staff refused to give us the menu because she thinks we are not supposed to be on that table. After about 10 minutes of hoo-hah, she finally recognised us as customers and brought us the menu.
  4. Took them another 15 minutes to get our orders.
  5. Food arrived but wine did not. Perhaps our wine got lost somewhere.
All in all, their service needs help. Their staffs are not trained properly, some are rude and unfriendly (some are actually quite nice), most of them are slow, some cannot even speak basic English despite the fact that this restaurant is a popular spot for tourists. Don't bother tipping, what service - I can't see you, service. Even the ice deserves it better than the service.

The Glass House Pattaya
5/22 Moo 2
20250 Chon Buri

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  1. Thai people are normally very polite, you probably met the wrong people