Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Brauhaus Spandau

Not too far from Berlin City Centre, this place actually reminds me of a typical neighbourhood bar in the UK, but a much bigger one. 

They have indoor and outdoor seatings, quite a number of tables too.

The outdoor seating is great during summer, just like the UK, everbody hogs the outdoor seats.

Not even sure what beer but that little barrel that serves it is pretty neat!

Some cheese to go with pretzel

The pretzel I've always tried is the flavoured ones from Auntie Anne's. I know it's terrible to compare real pretzels with Auntie Anne's! It's very different. Pretty much bread with salt.

Highlight of the night - the pork knuckles. Very crispy outside, tender and warm on the inside. Unlike Czech's version, German's version is way better. The one we had in U Supa, Prague was rock hard and dry.

So the knuckles were served as starters. This is the main course. I swear the food served for the night could have fed me for the entire day!

It's a platter of mixed meat - sausages, ham, some really salty meat and pan-fried potatoes. I was already quite full by then so it was not the best idea to over-order. One platter can be shared among 3 actually!

Lastly, the rote grütze (German mixed berries dessert) to end the meal. The yellowish creamy vanilla flavoured is paired with mixed berries. The berries are cooked together so I don't really know what berries but it's usually the normal ones like blueberry, blackberry, raspberry or some berries that are just sour - sweet and sour is what you'll expect from it.

Brauhaus Spandau
Neuendorfer Str. 1
13585 Berlin
Operating Hours
Daily 11am - 12am (Fri & Sat 1am)

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