Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lai Po Heen

Stir-fry Venison with Spring Onions and Ginger (RM100++)

Very small portion, perhaps 7-8 slices of meat and the rest are the vegetables you see in the picture.

Steamed Marble Goby / Soon Hock (RM440++)

Butter Prawns (RM100++)

Removing the head and de-shelling everything will not give us the understanding that the prawns are fresh. Nevertheless, the egg floss was done very thinly making it so perfect!

Steamed Scallops with Broccoli (RM155++)

I would have expected the shell at least to hold the noodles and the scallop. Felt it was a bit lazy to throw everything on that plate.

We also ordered the Braised Tofu (RM52++) served with mixed vegetables where the gravy is too starchy - too thick and clearly wasn't braised very nicely. To mask it, corn flour is being used to hide. The texture looks really gluey.

Soy Milk with Snow Fungus and Gingko Nuts (RM20++)

Very rich soy milk and it takes a while to be served. It's a great choice if you don't take durian pancakes. Lai Po Heen serves one of the besst durian pancakes though!

The prices at Lai Po Heen is quite challenging, in fact it's way too expensive for standard Chinese dining - you're paying for the class. Nevertheless, it's one of the places you can get good Chinese Halal food in a hotel. From a pork-eater standpoint, the money is definitely worth spending elsewhere - Klang Valley offers a lot more.

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Lai Po Heen
Mandarin Oriental
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 12pm - 2.30pm; 7pm - 10.30pm
Sat & Sun 10.30am - 2.30pm; 7pm - 10.30pm

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