Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Olympic Air: Salmon Pasta

45 minutes ride from Santorini to Athens and we still got a full box meal.

They hurried through to serve and collect, leaving us less than 5 minutes to eat!!

...And it's not simple food. It's food that requires time to eat. Most passengers wasted their food - threw into the bin because they couldn't finish or did not even want to start.

This meal was about 3 years ago, hopefully this is no longer happening. So much wastage, I wonder why did the airline approved such meal to begin with.

Flight: Santorini [JTR] to Athens [ATH]


  1. anywhere you are whether at home, hotel or plane,meal times should be enjoyed and given proper time. I would suggest in a 45 minute flight, they should have just handed out snacks.

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