Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Family Mart Malaysia

So everybody knows Family Mart is in Malaysia now... That popular Japanese convenient store. It made headlines and people literally went gaga over it.

I have to agree with some comments that they are not fully 100% Japanese - but then again, it's not fair to condemn them just because they carry Malaysian food too. It is in Malaysia, so expect to see local goods and food in store.

Some local delights. 

Microwavable food - a mixture of local and Japanese food. Like any where else in the world, if a convenient store opens, expect your most popular dish in the country to be in the rack as well. So yay for Nasi Lemak!

Then there are sandwiches, some Japanese cakes and desserts - honestly what more can you ask for? Oh, the chicken katsu sandwich looks really good too - for RM7.90. The portion looks pretty generous for that price!

The oden we have in Malaysia has two flavours - the original and the tomyum. We had the fish balls combo and added a few other items and it came up to less than RM10, not too bad.

Matcha ice cream for RM2.90 and the Vanilla for RM1.90? It was somewhere along that price.

I really like their oden and ice cream. Oh, and their cappuccino too. They have pre-packed cups for their coffee which made us feel so much more confident with their ice (instead of sourcing from some random ice shop and you're not too sure about their ice handlers). Nothing to complain, really. Welcome Family Mart!

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