Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hoppers KL

Lets start off with their undeserving cocktail. We had Mrs Lim (Sesame Rum, Tea, Apricot Shrub, Calamansi) and Miss Peggy (Tuak, Beefeater, Aperol, Lemon Juice). Both are RM35 each.

Why both cocktails do not deserve to be priced that amount - it's diluted, by juice that no there's almost no alcohol in it. One tiny shot for one big glass, no mixture of any other alcohol and we wonder why it's so lousy. We finished it within 5 minutes, and boy what good cocktail can be finished that way. 

For RM35, there are plenty of better places out there. Also, good bars will not serve cocktails with ice, and if they have to, it will be the bigger piece that doesn't melt that fast. Please don't ever order their cocktails if you have to go there - these lousy cocktails are worth RM20 at most. We raised this to the waiter but it seems like they care less about it - they explained to us the amount of alcohol being used but that's it, no offer to change or to add. I should have saved the money and ordered proper juice then.

Peppered Goat Hopper (RM17)

The price of mutton must be really expensive that the portion is really sad. These are small bites - like the size of a panadol. Even if it's good, it felt as if they rationed it to such small pieces and it's not presentable at all. Covering the sizes of the poor mutton with coriander did not help - small is small. For RM17, they could have at least put better effort for this. One portion of hopper is not enough for one person - you need like 3 to feed a person so RM17.

Chicken Satay Hopper (RM14)

Chicken is generally cheaper, in fact chicken chunks costs cheaper in a typical Indian shop - nevermind about the price since they did deliver reasonable price and portion. As compared to the mutton - the chicken satay is way better in terms of value and portion. Then again, it's just fried chicken chunks with satay sauce served on a hopper with egg. A fancier way to serving it, hence, pay more for it. 

I would definitely recommend the chicken satay. If I were to return, I would love to try their famous Nasi Lemak Hopper, sounds like a great combo!

Gula Melaka Hopper (RM8)

Hooper with additional coconut and foaming gula melaka. I like the fresh coconut bits inside - and the best thing is it's not very sweet! Just about right. This is a yes to order again!

Simple cafe interior.

3 tiny hoppers, 2 cocktails came up to RM126. Not even kidding you, these aren't fancy food that's worth RM126. Without the cocktail it would be fairly more reasonable. Will I return again? Perhaps yes - but I'll be more careful with the choices, no more peppered goat and cocktails. Honestly, it is very difficult to for us to have the urge to return if us consumers don't feel the value we are paying for. Nevertheless, something that's worth the credits - this idea is very interesting and very Instagram-friendly.

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Closed on Mondays
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