Friday, December 30, 2016

Kinme Sashimi & Grill Bar

Yakiniku Don (RM22) *From the Lunch Menu

Classier than what you get in Yoshinoya!!

Sashimi Plate 10 Pieces x 2 (RM29 per portion) *From the lunch menu

We decided to add Amaebi (RM21) and Hotate (RM29) to make the late look prettier?! For the lunch sashimi platter, it was so generous of them to offer us more than 20 slices which was our original offer!

Extra RM5 for one portion of Chawanmushi

This was totally worth the RM5 to add. The egg is so smooth!

Spicy Surprise (RM15)

I never actually thought it would turn out to be a huge roll by itself. I mean for the price they charge, I was expecting a small pathetic roll but it came huge! Boy, the salmon, tuna and avocado nothing less than what you get in five star hotels! Edo Ichi in Publika that servers similar rolls, charges double. Which is an obvious decision to never return again.

Kinme Yaki Special - 1 Pax Portion (RM19)

It was the right decision to order one portion to share for two pax. It's not quite possible for us to finish so much food phew! As for the skewers - onions (tamanegi), beef (gyuniku), chicken thigh (momo), chicken liver (reba). 

You won't even believe it - the onion is more expensive than the liver!!! At first glance, I was actually quite disappointed at the boring looking onion, but not until when I took a bite of it. The onion is so sweet and perfectly grilled. Suddenly the onion became the star of the plate! I never had so much love for onions I really wouldn't mind a few more sticks of it!! 

I swear the chicken liver is so good the liver is swearing back at me, oh dear what have the chicken liver done to me. I've been liver-fied that I forgot what it's like to dislike liver. I would normally spit it out as I never liked it before - not until I had Kinme's. I still dislike innards, but Kinme is an exceptional case. It's a must try even for liver-haters!!!

They serve cold sake in traditional sake sets - not a usual sight in Klang Valley as most of them tend to serve in a bucket/bowl of ice.

Lunch is pretty good deal - no wonder it's so packed! I would definitely recommend for dinner - it's affordable and portions are amazing! Clearly, we could not finish our food. The sashimi itself filled us up so we had to takeaway the Yakiniku Don which is still super good even after reheating it at home!

I don't know why would anyone complain about their service, perhaps they are busy and can't cater to just you alone. They took the extra effort to get us a mini cake from a nearby shop because I couldn't get one in time. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality!

KINME Sashimi & Grill Bar
26, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Lunch 12 - 3pm; Dinner 6pm - 12am
Closed on Mondays
Kinme Sashimi & Grill Bar on Facebook

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