Friday, December 23, 2016

Sushi Kinmedai

The term "naik kereta", literally means entering a car. When someone uses that term, it means you've just got trapped / cheated / whichever that suits the line more. Exactly how I felt when I visited  Sushi Kinmedai in Publika. We were handed 15% vouchers, and we thought of trying just because of the voucher - that's the only thing that appeals most. It turns out that the voucher came with T&C. If I know there's a minimum spend of RM100, I wouldn't dine here. It's simply not worth it.

Chirashi Don (RM42)

Let's take a look at the pathetic Chirashi Don. There are so many places in Klang Valley offereing Chirashi Don for a reasonable price of RM25, so what makes them RM42? They use a lot of cheap fish, mainly salmon and the rest are just one piece of other fish. How is that worth RM42 again? Isetan @ Lot 10 offers better Chirashi - more fish, bigger portion and better pricing. I don't know what is this place trying to achieve, use the cheapest fish and charge the most premium price. 

Teppan Chicken (RM39)

The saddest teppan chicken, period. Couple chunks of meat and cabbage. RM39. Are you kidding me, you're not Mandarin Oriental, no rights to charge this price for such average chicken.

Chawanmushi (RM8)

The saddest chawanmushi I've ever had, really. There's no normal chawanmushi - it's ikura, crabmeat and all those nonsense which I do not want. I asked for a plain chawanmushi, plain as in the normal ones wtihout all the premium crap. She said ok plain chawanmushi for RM3. As I dug into it, she came and said it costs RM8 for one!! That's not the best part yet, it's literally plain. Empty. Not even a single piece of mushroom or gingko nut. How on earth is this even a chawanmushi to begin with?? First you cheated me and said it's RM3, then you came back and increased the price after I started my food and it's a bloody empty chawanmushi. I swear this is so not worth it at all.

I was not happy with the chawanmushi incident and they offered a free green tea mousse. I guess that's not the point - if you can't get your basics right, forget about ordering anything more expensive. Even if the mousse is good, the overall experience is shitty. From being cheated by the discount voucher, to the cheating chirashi portion, cheating chawamushi price - I'm sorry this green tea mousse did not do justice.

There's another Japanese place just down in Bens, forget about this place and go to Tsukijiya in Bens or Sushiya at Plaza Mont Kiara. I'm just waiting to see how long can this place survive, charging premium price but giving only average quality. 

This is why nobody will go even if you give 15% off - it's subpar quality. Improve on your portions, service and everything else rather than giving discounts. We are not getting the value we paid for. Period.

Sushi Kinmedai
A2-G2-09 Solaris Dutamas,
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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