Sunday, December 4, 2016

Topspot Food Court (Shop #25)

A large food court famous for seafood. These stores are all categorised by numbers. 

Apparently the most popular Shop #25, so we opted for the "best".

Folks over here are very muhibbah / diplomatic. No such thing as Chinese food Malay cannot go and all sorts of nonsense. It's Chinese food, pork free, Malays dining here as well and that is not a problem at all. Can't say the same for Klang Valley. They definitely respect each other more than the political game in Klang Valley.

Oyster Omelette

The very famous oyster omelette, which is nothing close to the one you get in Penang. It comes in a shape of a wok - like a huge big crispy bowl with oysters scattered all over. That item is deep-fried so expect it to be very, very oily. No clue why is this even famous, the oysters aren't fresh, it comes with that awkward unfresh taste even despite being deep-fried. The "omelette" it seems, is totally rock hard instead of being crispy. 

Butter Prawns

Not only this is the ugliest butter prawns I've ever seen, it's also one of the worst I've ever had. What kind of butter prawns that uses condensed milk to cook?? Prawn heads have all detached from the body, shows how unfresh their prawns are. Only one or two pieces of it are attached. It say s a lot because the mix their unfresh ones with the fresh ones. It's the same case for both oysters and prawns.


The only thing that did not fail us that night. So nice that we added the belacan version too. 

Came all the way to have good vegetables at a seafood restaurant. Can you beat that? Forget about going to Topspot / No 25 seafood. This place is rubbish, wouldn't waste my time stepping into this filthy, oily food court with a terrible service. It's not particularly cheap or fresh either to begin with.Four dishes and we had to fork out about RM35 per pax?

Apparently somewhere in this foor court serves Umai too but definitely not Shop #25. We tried to look around but failed to find the shop. :(

Topspot Food Court (Shop No. 25)
Jalan Padungan
93100 Sarawak

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