Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tribal Stove

Midin (RM5 each)

Not fresh. Not good.

Fish Umai (RM10)

Fish Umai, a local Sarawakian Melanau dish which is basically raw fish salad. If it's easier to explain, ceviche is probably the best word for it. It's a little spicy because of the ginger. Also, the umai isn't as pretty and radiant as the ones on Google. It got a little disgusting after a few bites, I could not taste much of the fish, just spiciness from ginger.

Bamboo Chicken (RM10)

Bamboo Chicken / Manuk Pansuh is a local Sarawakian Iban dish cooked with "jungle vegetables". I have no clue what vegetables those are actually. Looks so watery in comparison to the pictures I see on Google.

Ikan Pais (RM10)

Ikan Pais is basically just grilled fish with local spices and herbs. It tasted great for the first few bites but did not impress after a couple of bites. It wasn't really grilled - felt like it was already cooked, just heated the dish up again by steaming/microwaving it.

It was somewhat difficult to find a Sarawakian restaurant in Kuching, perhaps I haven't been searching correctly? Tribal Stove is good but not great enough for me to return if I visit Kuching again.

I would not recommend this place if you're searching for Sarawakian food and if you're here for the first time. I will definitely try somewhere else if I could pick again. However if you insist, it is located opposite Hilton Kuching.

Tribal Stove
10, Block H Jalan Borneo
Taman Sri Sarawak
93100 Kuching
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 10.30pm
Closed on Sundays
Tribal Stove's Facebook

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