Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Restoran Kee V 卫记辣汤之家

Bittergourd and Salted Egg (RM11.50)

This is one of my favourite whenever I visit a Chinese Restaurant, but not many can cook it up well. Kee V's version is very soft - it is not crispy at all which may not be of everyone's likings which includes mine. I always love it crispy like fries. 

Sweet Potato Leaf (RM9)

We all think that they could reduce the amount of oil.. Just take a look at the layer of oil....

"Hot Soup" / In Cantonese: Lat Tong *if you translate to English it literally means Spicy Soup (RM15.50)
It's basically pepper based soup with meat inside. This reminded me of Singapore's BKT where herbs and sauce is limited and they only use white pepper. Their version is mild, not too spicy which is great for everyone to eat. If you want it spicier you should let them know.

Meat Spring Rolls (RM12)

This reminds me of Penang Loh Bak.

"Spicy Meat" / In Cantonese: Foh Bao Yuk *if you translate to English it literally means Fire Exploding Meat??? Hilarious. (RM15.50)

It's basically claypot meat with a hint of spicy chilli and it's super good with rice. It's a little salty too, but if it isn't salty it wouldn't be good to have with rice.

Chicken with Rice Wine (RM15.50)

Quite similar to the previous dish, but it's chicken instead of pork. Despite looking pretty much the same, the taste is different because you can taste the Chicken Rice Wine in this dish. That makes it really fragrant and no you don't get it in the pork dish.

Food is average, with some hits and misses. Unfortunately, it wasn't great enough to attract us to travel 40 minutes all the way for it. Don't get me wrong, the food isn't bad, all in all as in an overall package, it's normal food to cater the neighbourhood. All of us did not think that their famous "Lat Tong" was amazing.

Likes: Very much cheaper food compared to KL City Centre's Chinese Restaurants. Spicy meat was one of the better dishes.
Dislikes: 30 minutes, and can go up to an hour depending on traffic. Food is just average.
Other Info: Heard the original branch is actually more popular. Might recommend to find the other branch instead of this one at Pearl Avenue... Perhaps the quality is different across all branches?

Restoran Kee V 
Pearl Avenue
No. 50A, Japan Pasir Emas
Sg. Chua Kajang
43000 Selangor

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sae Ma Eul

Spicy Pork Ribs Soup / Gamjatang

I don't think I've ever ordered this - it came with a huge bone on its own! Their soup is always my favourite, we would usually get the kimchi jigae instead. I'm guessing they use everything the same since the soup tastes pretty much the same too.

I have not been to Sae Ma Eul for a very long time and guess what, they have added CHEESE to their menu to keep up the game! 

Unfortunately, I find the bowl isn't really the right one - the cheese at the bottom was stuck to the bowl and burnt, almost unable to eat. The fire right in the centre was too hot so it burnt the bottom later and it did not melt the middle.

Nevertheless, it's a good thing to know they serve cheese now - pretty much what every other Korean hipster shops are doing.

Other than that's everything else is still the same. Only 3 side dishes, not really cheap meat now, outdoor seats, limited air-conditioning.

One thing I have to remind you patrons out there - beware of the hot pot in the middle. There is no protection beneath the table and it just happened when I automatically crossed my legs. It started off with red skin, then the whole area was injured for the next 3 weeks - allowing little movement and yes it left me a scar. I've dined here for more than 10 times but I've never had this problem, it's just one of those unlucky days where I'm not quite careful!! Moral of the story, be extra careful when you dine here....

Likes: Affordable, fresh meat, casual place
Dislikes: Can be very slow service when the place is packed, tables are not very safe
Other Info: They do have branches across Klang Valley. Solaris being their first, Jaya One, Publika

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Sae Ma Eul
1, Jalan Solaris 4
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 3pm - 2am
Sun 3pm - 12am
*Note that they are closed on last Mondays of the month

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Home Town Steamboat

Pulau Ketam Hot Pot Set for 2 (RM37.60). The set includes mixed seafood, dumplings, vegetables, noodles and egg. That may not be sufficient for 3 pax, so we decided to get a few add ons - Century Egg (RM8.90), Hometown Minced Meat (RM10.90) and Signature Pork Slice (RM11.90).

All of these plus two huge jugs of juice came to about RM111 for 3 pax. Actually there were leftovers - a bit too much for 3 pax. It would be nice for 4! The overall damage was acceptable. It would be nicer to come with minimum 6 pax at least - more food, sweeter soup.

I wonder why the egg yolk looks like that. I haven't read up about it, but to be safe we requested for another egg.

We actually booked through Off Peak with additional 10% back when they still had the promotion for the branch at Kota Damansara. Unfortunately, they forgotten to add it to our bill so we paid full (actually we forgot about it too, hahaha).

Likes: Affordable
Dislikes: It is good to cater bigger groups but not so for smaller parties (eg. 2-3)

HomeTown Steamboat Restaurant
19, Jalan PJU 5/9,
Kota Damansara
Petaling Jaya
47810 Selangor
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 11am - 1am
Sun 11am - 12am

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Awet Thai

Tom Yum Soup (RM12)

Good portion for two pax - consisting a mixture of everything you would expect in a tom yum soup. There is only one tiny prawn but it's alright for that price anyway.

Kerabu Chicken Feet (RM13.80)

Basil Pork (RM19.80)

Gong Che Nam Pla /Raw Prawns Salad (RM30)

I've actually expected this to be 6-7 prawns at most but this is a plate of 13 prawns!! Not really big prawns, it is small to medium sized ones enough for one bite. Beware of the chilli though - we couldn't stop drinking water! 

Likes: Big portion for such price, spacious area, authentic Thai food
Dislikes: Hygiene could be an issue - a rat ran around the area from left to right and passed my chair. What a shock!!!
Other Info: They do have branches across Klang Valley. Click here to check for the nearest branch.

Awet Thai
Jalan Cempaka
Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara
Petaling Jaya
47400 Selangor
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 4pm; 6pm - 12am
Awet Thai's Page

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Quán Ăn Ngon

We arrived at this restaurant almost 8pm - which is too late, I don't understand why they bother to open till 11pm when most items were already out by then. They ran out of most items we wanted to try, so we went for the basics. Vietnamese spring rolls is a must!

Another version of spring rolls, which has duck meat inside. I think I prefer the regular ones..

Clams (VND90k / USD4)

You think it's the Chinese Balitong? No it's not. It has some kind of really funky smelly fishy taste that NONE of us could take it. We left the dish untouched, unfortunately. This dish is not for everyone...

Coconut and Prawn Salad

This is one really refreshing salad - I've never tried coconut shoot, it was our first time. Mild coconut flavour and it's slightly sweet!

Lemongrass and pork noodles. No comments except the portion is crazy huge that's enough to feed two pax.

Stir Fry Morning Glory

I thought the portion will be small, but it turns out to be so huge. If I knew it was going to be so much, I wouldn't have ordered this.

Steamed Clams with Minced Pork (VND90k / USD4)

Something we were so daring to order. It's basically just escargots, but Vietnamese version. The escargot is wrapped with minced pork meat and lemongrass. This is highly recommended - something very unique and no there is no smelly or unfresh taste!!

This is definitely too much for 5 pax. If you're visiting, be mindful that their portions is actually quite big so don't you over order!

Quan 138 is located opposite the Independent Palace. There are a few places with similar names, just in case you end up at the wrong spot.

Quan An Ngon
38 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa
Bến Nghé
Ho Chi Minh
Opening Hours
Daily 7am - 11pm
Quan An Ngon's Page

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fat Tea Macanese Food

Fat Tea Macanese at Damansara Perdana also provides catering which can fit at least 40-50 pax. Here are some of the pictures for your reference. Contact them at 03.7733.1868!

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Fat Tea Macanese Food
Unit LG-05, Plaza Emerald North
Jalan PJU 8/3a
Damansara Perdana
Petaling Jaya
47820 Selangor
Operating Hours
Daily 9am - 3pm
Closed on Tuesdays
Fat Tea Macanese Food on Facebook

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ola! Korea Barbeque Garden

Ola BBQ is located at Solaris. just next to the famous Shisha place above Salt Lick.

Marinated Soy Sauce Crab (RM30)

It was not fresh so the boss changed another one for us. It has a pungent unfresh smell, you know you shouldn't eat it. Nevertheless, the new one was alright.

Pork Shoulder (RM28)

We need to order at least two BBQ dishes for them to setup the fire but we didn't, so they served it on a hot plate.

They were also very nice by offering even more marinated crabs!! I've always known this place as friendly boss who serves extra side dishes - which I've witnessed it myself.

Unfortunately, one of us had diarrhea after having the raw crabs. I think it's his stomach who can't take it - because I had no issues. Nevertheless, I would stay away from their crabs and have their cooked food instead to avoid the risk of getting another portion of unfresh crab.

Ola! Korea Barbeque Garden  
J-01-12, Jalan Solaris
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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