Monday, January 9, 2017

Lau Ya Keng (阳春台 or 上帝庙 Foodcourt)

It was our first time to Kuching and heard about the Pork Satay at this food court. I read somewhere that I shouldn't go during lunch hours, so I thought of going much later. The only shop that was open after 7pm was the Kueh chap shop. So no, don't come after 7pm for Pork Satay.

This huge wok smells really good. I'm guessing it's the pork that they serve on the porridge.

Deep fried loh bak & fish roe. If you try frying fish roe at home, it will be such a mess because of the water in the roe. Drying with kitchen towel helps but not completely. So happy they actually have it here, something I don't get to eat very often.

...and even more braised pork!

Food lining up to be served!!

Fish Roe (RM4-5??)

Loh Bak (RM2-3??) / Minced pork roll with herbs

Pork Porridge (RM4-5??)

Well, I personally never like to eat "wet" stuff like braised rice or porridge so this isn't my ideal dish. I would prefer the pork on a separate bowl and served with rice instead!

Kueh Chap (RM5) / Flat rice noodles with pork and/or duck depending on seller, tofu

Kueh Chap Sarawak style - I can't say for sure this isn't nice. It's great, but the gravy is rather diluted and bland if compared to Penang's famous Kimberley's version.

This place is just opposite the temple and it's easy to find. Service isn't the friendliest, but no expectations either - it's a typical Chinese coffee shop.

Click here for Day Food at Lau Ya Keng.

Lau Ya Keng Foodcourt
19, Lebuh Carpenter
93000 Kuching

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